What are some of the best stretches for the back?

Jesus Z.
Sit in a chair with foot flat on floor knees together and slowly try to bend forward bringing your forehead down to touch your knee your knee. Lay flat on floor hands open shoulder length, legs straight out , slowly lift the left leg up while bending the knees bringing knees across the right side and try to touch the floor. Keep both arms and should on the floor. Repeat on right side. Wall sits- stand up straight with back bracing wall getting apart try to bend knees to seated position while keeping upper body bracing wall.
Eduardo Y.
I believe that most humans have weak backs because of our daily lives. Stretching for the back can be helpful for some issues but STRENGTHENING the back is fundamental to reducing pain and tightness. The best exercises are back extensions and pelvic tilts.
Roy O.
1. Cobra Pose
2. Seat on a chair with a back, turn left while twisting your back, repeat for the other side.
3. Stretch your back like you’re forming half a heart with someone.