Yeah. Could you please share your routine? Mine feels pretty hollow.

Jonas C.
I just started with this app yesterday and it was pretty cool. "The Make Me Fabulous" option will give you lot of to do things. These will give you ideas on how to do your daily routine
Jucinara Q.
Wake up with the app “wake up yoga “ , Mir methode, pray. And ad last exercise.
(Yoga or 10 minutes speed walking or cycling (20 minutes HITT) ) so I start my morning 💖
William J.
I always wake up and do my morning routine. It makes me feel like I accomplished something…no matter how small. It's a beautiful way to start the day
Marie A.
ok honestly, i literally only started today but im trying to do in the morning: wake up (depending on what day ~7 o'clock, drink water, stretch, yoga, exercise (i live right next to this little loop thing that's really popular for people to run around it's like 6km but dont worry i stop so many times i was POOPED this morning 🥵, shower, eat a YUMMY breakfast except i havent eaten it yet i bought the ingredients today it's some smoothie bowl, brush teeth, clean room check journal i dont really know what i put in it yet bc i havent really committed to it uet but im gonna try tomorrow. afternoon: don't really know this yet but; tidy room, listen to music, dance!!!! i love to dance but im so bad at it but im hoping to get better, meditate, draw maybe? but im bad at drawing but im gonna try, hopefully finish all my homework to free up my night, add more stuff to journal if i need to, not really sure what to do in afternoon because i literally only just made my list of things
night: tidy room AGAIN, sorry i get that it's excessive but i probably will have like 1 thing to clean if i clean it 3 times a day hahaha i know it sounds a bit crazy, stretch again, yoga, not sure if doing that twice a day is bad for your muscles or not, i just did it so i'll find out tomorrow but i just really wanna get flexible just because it's semi-handy & good for your body :), clench my hands for 3 minutes not sure what this even does but it this app recommended it to me so i'm hoping helps me not have arthritis later on in life ahahha, have a dedicated session to listening to music to expand my knowledge of music bc atm i am so bad at it like i know no songs , read, journal. not sure if i do anything else, sorry, you'd think it'd show me my routines to freshen my memory??? i started doing this like 4 days ago but added so much extra stuff to my routine when i finally figured out how to. not sure if this is too much stuff for me to do??? i dont know i only just started, but honestly i absolutely wish the best for you 🙂 you'll get better i wholeheartedly believe in you!!! you can do anything you set your mind to ❤️ remember to eat healthy!!! xx 😘 💋
Jonas N.
I think you should build your routine on your individual preference. I think at first it is not perfect. But by the time you will know what is missing or is not needed in the routine.
I believe you will succeed on your journey. 😉
Matteo T.
I always wake up at 7:30 to start my morning off! I usually make myself a cup of green tea and while it's steeping I do a quick little stretch and exercise. After I'm done I sit outside and make my to-do list for the day. I do a full workout, shower, make my bed, and get ready for my day. Then I start checking things off my to-do list. After I am done with my morning routine I then do the fun things for the day! 🙂
Gustav Y.
I’ll share my morning routine that really works for me. First thing I do is chant “I feel great today and today’s gonna be a great day,” then I drink water. Then I write my morning pages, goals/affirmations & scripting. Then I mediate while still in bed. Once I get out of bed I’ll stretch, make my bed & then shower. Then I’ll have a healthy breakfast and I’m ready for work! This routine never fails me and sets me up for a perfect day.
Leo B.
My routine is very short because I just started but I will add on as I start becoming more consistent with it. The first thing I do in the morning is drink a bottle of water and then I do stretches. This has been fairly easy for me but if you have struggles with drinking water only drink as much as you can. Do not force yourself to chug a whole bottle of water.
Liliana T.
Well I try to do smaller, but important tasks in morning: drink water, make my bed, eat a good breakfast, and stretch. These tasks make me feel good when I complete them and prepared me for the day. I can usually get them all done and receive a fun quote from the fabulous app! Then in the afternoon I do tasks like work out, do a daily kind deed, and meditate. On busier days it can be hard to complete it all but at least I got the morning done. If I do get both routines done I make sure to celebrate to encourage good habits!