How long do you hold a stretch?

Helena Z.
As long as I can.. I try to aim for 15-30 seconds since I stretch in the morning and that’s usually when the body is the stiffest. Remember to breathe with your stretches! I always forget until halfway though but it’s important and helps you stretch a little more each time. I hope this helps!
Ed E.
depending on the stretch. I would say between 15sec to 1 minute. it can be – important that you feel comfortable with it.
Khadija P.
about 10 seconds on each side. I like to focus my breathing and because 10 is an even and easy number, it helps me keep track. it also allows me ample time to stretch because 10 seconds feels longer than you think.
Brittany F.
At least 10 seconds. If you have a troublesome area I would recommend longer or coming back to the stretch and doing it again.
Stephania P.
Not very long really, I could never really stretch throughout my life. I always had problems with flexibility and I’m intending to change that, because I want to be more flexible and healthier.
Shereka E.
I usually stretch for 10 seconds and go and go on to another sometime when I want to thank I'm out doing myself I try to hold for 15 seconds
Saskia A.
roughly 10 seconds on both sides of the stretch sometimes longer if i’m in pain and want to properly stretch out the muscle
Roland F.
I did the 10 minute stretching to get ideas, and now I do my favorite ones for about ten seconds each as part of my morning routine. I like the cat/cow combination, it really helps with my back pain. I do that one ten seconds each, twice each and it's the best for getting me energized.
Kaitlyn Z.
Depends on how your feeling normal stretching I would hold for at least 3 deep breaths, if I am sore I would do this then release and repeat two more times
Maja F.
I try to hold it my breathing. I close my eyes and breath deeply and slowly. I take my time stretching going from one side to the next. I also think holding a position for longer will help to in getting you body use to being pushed.