What kind of stretching do you go in for? Obviously you want to get your whole body stretched but there are loads of different kinds!

Alexandra U.
I do whatever feels good, making sure I stretch my legs, arms and back. Some days I concentrate on a specific area if something is sore or bothering me

Maja C.
Or is there lots of types of stretching ? The musclesconnecting back and pelvis go below the knee. A back, pelvis, hamstring, knee or calf muscle problem could all be related. My view. Stretch to strengthen them all

Arnold F.
I concentrate on my hamstrings and lower back by bending forwards and/or stretching each leg individually. I tend to be tighter in those areas so stretching them is a priority over other areas.

Roberta X.
I like Quick streching session More than long ones. It does not matter what kind of streching session you have it has to be Quick. (of course that is my opinion and what i like to go for)

Lisbeth J.
I really enjoy child's pose from yoga. It stretches out most muscles and can be held for a long time. It gives me time to meditate and stretch at the same time.

Tracy O.
I tend to focus more on my lower/upper back. Our backs has hold us all our life. So showing our backs some love is a must. I normally use a roller and roll my back on that. Feels like heaven. You can purchase one on amazon. I also stretch my neck side to side. Bend down and try to touch my toes. Hope this helps!

Selmira Q.
Stretching all your muscle groups daily or at least before every workout is definitely recommended by experts. Always warm up your muscles with 5-10 min of light to moderate activity before stretching. As for the specific stretches, you will want to choose based on what type of exercise you will be doing. You can look for tailored stretching routines online. Just be sure to pay attention to who is writing/sponsoring the articles. Look for credible institutions and authors who can provide source information to backup their claims. If you are just doing some general stretching this website has some good ones, however, if you have knee pain or don't want to develop knee pain be careful with the quadricep stretching and the 90/90 stretch. You shouldn't feel any pressure on your knee joint while doing these stretches. Instead of pulling hard with you hand on your ankle, contract your glutes to increase the stretch on the front of your leg. One stretch I would add to these is a calf stretch. People often overlook the calf muscles. Yoga routines are also great for general stretching. Join a class or watch videos online to learn some simple routines. Individual stretches should be 20-30 seconds long and repeated once or twice. Pay attention to your body. Where do you feel right? Adjust accordingly. Oh and never bounce while stretching.
Hope this helps you enjoy relaxing and flexibility improving stretches in the future.

Est Ban P.
I stretch both hands over my head first, I then twist my torso both ways. Next I bring my arm across my bodt in front, one arm at a time. Next I place my palm on my back, elbow in the air, one arm at a time. Next I stretch my legs by bringing my knee to my fore head one leg at a time. I then make a 90 degree with my knee and bring it up to my fore head again for a hip stretch.

Noel X.
If u have a couple of minutes I do the sun salutation routine. If it's just a quickie I do a couple of downward dog, snake poses.

Marie Z.
I am just starting out, and have been doing this for just these past few days but I am starring my day with yoga sun salutation.

Jessie C.
I start standing and stretch behind my knees and legs, then I warm myself up enough to work on my splits (butterfly, side splits stretch, and just other general leg stretches). Then to finish off I do the fish pose and work on my back flexiblity, and sometimes do birdies.

S L Na T.
My stretch 9f choice is sun salutation. It stretches the major muscles in your body and as you get confident with the poses and stronger in yourself you can repeate the sequence many times over to gain a stronger and more supple body.

Leon Dio Z.
I do reserach on the ones i wish to do fouse on certain ones learn those then that way i can know what strench are for what part of the body