What is the best type of stretch for your back?

Karl Heinrich U.
I do simple yoga poses, cat pose, mountain pose, neck stretch, back stretch and thighs stretch. Hoping to get better at it
Lucimeri S.
I was dx with Multiple Sclerosis 16yrs ago. My neuro recommended a chair yoga class that of which I began attending. It helped tremendously with my back pain! Fast forward, I practice all types of yoga and have found it to help everything.

Nonetheless, to start, try the following easy chair yoga and/or yoga poses for back pain:
(Google to see how it’s done)
Chair Yoga:
1) Cat Cow
2) Backbend Arch
3) Lower Back Circles
4) Roll Downs
5) Stirring the Pot
6) Seated Pigeon
7) Seated Knee to Chest

Yoga Poses:
1) Cat Cow
2) Supine Twist
3) Legs Up the Wall
4) Supine Pigeon
5) Bridge (if able)

I hope this helps! It did for me! πŸ™‚