If you go over a minute it is still considered okay, right?

Nathana L E.
Ok as.. what? I think you get to decide. Don't seek permission from other people. Own it. Own your time. If you say its ok, it is ok.
Caleb G.
Absolutely! The more effort and time you put into your goals, the faster you see your rewards, and the more you get out of it. Times aren’t restrictive, they’re simply goals.
Secundino W.
Yes! I flex my routine to my needs. Some shorter items I use as timers, but others I do as long as I’m enjoying them, like puzzles, or stretching or a mealtime.
Amanda O.
Totally! What matters is that you stick to your routine order every day to the point of memorization, and then if you'd like, you can perfect by sticking to exact times
Apolline P.
Of course! I think you should do an activity for as long as is comfortable for you. If that's a little longer, great!

I suppose the only exception is if, say, your morning routine gets you ready in time for catching your bus to work. In that case, you may want to be careful not to overrun too much.

Josie E.
If you go over a minute doing what? I would think no matter what you are doing as long as you do it the best you can it’s fine