Is there a specific stretch routine that will energize you?

Sammi Z.
Start with a Yoga Child's Pose, followed by the Cobra. Then hip opener stretches. After that, slowly get up off the floor until standing straight up. Bend down and touch toes a few times. Hold for the last toe touch. Stand straight up again, then loosen shoulders, neck and stretch arms.
Kerri O.
Yes, the energizing flow from daily yoga really work outs the tension and tightness in my body. I feel more at ease and light a feather
Claire N.
I learned Hatha Yoga when in highschool from TV. I did it wwith my mother and sister first thing in the morning. It became an imprint. I turn to the various breathing, and deconstructed exercise routines at any moment of the dy to release and restore; with the hope of repleneshing even a small bit of energy.
Heather C.
Honestly no idea, I just follow the only stretch routine on make me fabulous and it seems to do the job. Been at it for almost a week and feeling good about it, not sure if it’s the actual stretching or the fact that I’m sticking to something I know is somewhat good for me.
Eliott O.
I do the same stretches almost everyday working every part of my body. It takes about 10 mins sometimes I add new stretches or do the stretches differently. It’s similar to a lot of the stretch routines I learnt from hip-hop dance lessons.
Josefine U.
I think full body stretches are the best for energy! Starting from standing up! Reaching for the sky, then touching your toes going into a downward dog. Lunges and hip openers are great. Warrior poses. All great ways to start the morning! Good luck!
Karl Dieter C.
I'm not really into exercising, so I don't really know a whole lot about this area. I actually would like to know the answer to that question as well.
Karla B.
Yes. One that is longer, emphasizes the deep stretch, and one that is still centered around breathing and relaxing in it.
Briana Z.
Yes. I do not just do a one minute stretch. I incorporate yoga into the stretch, but a mild version. I am familiat with yoga because I do it before my workout wach day so I know most of the basic stretches. I take about 10 – 12 minutes when I wake up and I start with a head to tow strategy so I do not forget anything. As I make my way down (head/neck, shoulders, arms, etc ) I rememeber each stetch and/or yoga stretch.
Dagmar Q.
A stretch routine I like to do was an old dance warmup we would always do that warmup before we danced. That dance warm up gets you up and running
Hannah W.
A long stretch routine for the backside of the body – hamstrings, glutes and lower back – always helps me to open up the energy flow.