What are some good, simple exercises to do in the morning?

Zerlezar N.
Im trying mostly work on my legs and back. that means trying to reach fulfilly to the edge of my feet. Its important to not hurt yourself and do it slowly. ๐ŸŒฟ
Christy S.
Stretches! Find stretches for your arms, legs, back, core/ abdomen, shoulders, writers, calfโ€™s, angles, buttock muscles, do some head circles and shoulder/ arm circles. Learn some simple yoga poses like childโ€™s pose, downward dog, warrior 2. Also be sure to check out CrossFit stretches. Take a walk and stretch out your legs. If you want to be really advance look up on YouTube how to learn the splits or a bridge like a gymnast. Remember start out simple! Just start with like 10 stretches a day and everyday increase a stretch by time or religion, and slowly add on a variety of stretches. You can even do stretches in your bed to help you wake up. I do this and it works for me
Wallace Z.
Squats are good as you can get your blood pumping for a short time. Yoga is also good to stretch yourself out. A morning walk is refreshing and getting sunlight is good for your health.