Should you stop stretching if you feel pain?

Benta P.
You should stop stretching if you have actual pain yes. Some discomfort however might be there because you want to feel the muscle stretching to know you are doing some work.
Try taking deep breaths and slowly slowly stretch a bit more with each exhalation. Push only as much as you can. But if it is too much and you feel pain then don't push it.

Adauto Q.
Depends on the pain. Sharp stabbing pain maybe. An ache probably should keep stretching to work out the tension in your muscle. You know you body, if it feels like an injury then stop.

Evan Z.
It depends on how much it hurts. If it is excruciating then don’t continue and go see a doctor! You could have pulled a muscle which can be very painful! But if it isn’t too bad I would continue stretching! You might possibly stretch it out! Just remember it takes about an hour of stretching to fully be prepared, and if you can’t do an hour just be careful for what ever you are doing after!

Tobias X.
No, you just need to take a rest and you have to keep stretching , you feel pain just because this is new for you and your body don’t fit with this exercise yet. Keep doing and you gonna get through the pain

Karena Q.
That's a great question. I honestly didn't have the correct answer so I looked it up. This is what I found: stretching should not hurt or cause pain. If it does, you may be stretching too intensely and could cause injury. Ease into your stretches and stop when you feel "tight."

Lucas W.
No, but you should probably be more gentle when stretching. Breathing, while stretching is also important, try to breath out through the painful spot

Ricky Z.
You should stop if you feel legit pain but not discomfort. Also if you continue stretching a little each day it will become easier.

Elizabeth O.
Depends on the kind of pain. If it is extream pain or discomfort than yes but if its just a little pain than you should continue stretching because that is what would lead to growth. The best thing is to listen to your body.

Sofia C.
It depends. Why do you have pain? Is it from working out? I go running in the morning, so if I feel a little pain afterwards or the next day it might be because I did not stretch enough or I pulled a muscle. If that’s the case, stretching is good, even if you feel a little pain. Sometimes we strain our muscles just by doing simple actions. If the pain does not go away or it gets worse after a couple days, you might want to rest or consult a doctor.

Sander F.
I personnally push it a little bit because I have back pain and my phisiotherapist told me it was normal to feel a bit of pain. For the general population I would say stretching isn't supposed to hurt. That would mean you're goi ng too far too quick.