What stretch do you like best?

Maddison Y.
I recently started a ballet class, so I've been stretching my hip flexors and back a lot. I really like laying on my back, arms outstretched and flat on the ground. I then bring my left leg up, reach you the outside of the knee with my right hand, and let my leg fall to the right side. It's a very calming stretch that doesn't force your body to do more than it's capable.
Elizabeth U.
I like to use my foam roller. It gives me time to focus on different set of muscles and really get in deep in the tissue to relax me before I get in bed. I set up an area in my bedroom where I have the length and space to do a full roll!
Victoria A.
Hip and shoulder stretches. I seem to carry lots of tension there, and they’re the most difficult to stretch well throughout the course of the day. (They’re also often done laying down— low effort, heh.)
Uta F.
I really like the Pidgeon pose in yoga because I find it comfortable to lay in, but still works as a stretch, by usually don't just do a single stretch on its own. Often in the morning I'll do some basic stretches to open up my joints, but at night I tend to do a full yoga routine for 15-20 minutes.
Ivan P.
I enjoy several stretches, but there are two I personally feel I get the best stretch from. First, I sit on the floor, legs out straight and reach for my feet. Second, I sit up and bring my legs into a butterfly position and fold reach my head to the floor. Third, the upward facing dog. As I said, there are many others, but in a rush, these 3 give me the best stretch!
Flavie P.
I follow a quick Asana Rebel routine. I like this best as it logs to my fitness ratings in my Apple Health for better tracking of my progress.