What is the best way to stretch my back and my feet?

Landon Z.
Child’s pose and cat/cow stretch and for the feet use a strap or your hands and go into a forward fold by sitting on the mat or on the floor and stretch it out or ankle pumps or roll your ankles in circles clockwise and counterclockwise.
Ticira A.
Bend forward while standing on your tiptoes. I like to stretch my feet by pointing and flexing them with my legs straight out. Maybe this could be incorporated with stretching your back in some way as well.
Naomi E.
Yoga has good stretches for all body parts. Try cat-cow pose and chakrasana for your back and ardhachandrasana for your legs
Louane C.
Back is best stretched through yoga moves that target the upper and lower back. The feet can easily be stretched or massaged with a tennis ball underfoot while sitting down.
Simon S.
Sit on the floor. Put one leg out to the side and bend the other knee, keeping the leg on the floor. Reach the opposite arm over towards the leg out to the side, with the chest lifted. Then do it without the chest lifted. Repeat on opposite side. Then, put both legs out front and reach for your toes. You may also want to look up pigeon, forward fold. or straddle stretch. Twists can be very helpful as well, but be gentle, especially if you’ve recently had surgery. Take your time and be patient and persistent; don’t force anything. Another great back stretch is laying on your back, bending your knee, and pulling it gently across the body, circling the opposite arm. Additionally, try pretzel stretch, or laying on your back whilst hugging your knees and rocking back and forth. Practicing yoga can be very helpful! For your feet, sit with your legs straight out front. Tap your feet together, hitting various spots at various angles. Then scrunch your toes and open them. Point and flex your feet, and finally circle the ankles. Try repeating daily and you will see a difference! Best wishes!!
Ana A.
I incorporate a mixture of yoga and athletic stretches to my warmup and cooldown. I recommend donward dog into child's pose, and back a few times. Deep breaths, hold for about 15-30 seconds. For feet, extending into tip-toes while in downward dog, and rolling them around a bit is really good. Also, the classic wall/table press. Simply press your toes and forefoot into a wall and fulcrum with your heel. Lean into it enough to feel the stretch without pushing your foot back down to the ground.
Arron O.
There are a lot of videos in YouTube that are very easy and quick yoga poses, a lot of people believe that you need a lot of strength and flexibility, but if you just want to stretch fast and easy, those yoga poses are the best option