Do you know any good stretches for the neck and shoulders?

Angela P.
Yes! There are some lovely chair yoga poses that can open your heart space and release tension in your shoulders, which incidentally is also carried across your chest.
If you imagine you have your arms crossed, but over your lower back instead of over your belly, then sit straight and raise your chin. Keep your spine straight. Return tour chin to neutral and then turn it to the left. Key is making sure you do not lift your shoulders. Imagine a bowl of water is balanced there! Return to neutral and turn your chin to the right.
Once a few rounds of that is done you can move your chin in anyway that feels good, keeping your arms crossed behind tour back, shoulder blades pulled down your back and focus on making space between your ear and shoulder. Good luck!

Matt J.
circling your head is a good neck stretch and crossing ur arm over ur body is a good shoulder / arm stretch as well as big arm circles :)))

Emilie C.
I just do the basic ones like moving my neck in circles, moving my arms in circles… for the shoulders, holding my hands behind my back also works and it also improves posture. I’m sorry if I’m not very helpful. I hope you find one that suits you well