Can you overdo the stretching?

Sherry O.
I think you can. If you stretch and pull muscles beyond your current ability and/or for too long, you may pull a muscle. I always tell myself that I need to find the balance point between challenging my body to stretch a bit more than yesterday but not too much. If you stretch a bit more than yesterday, there is a progress without damage.
Alexandra T.
I definitely have before. As a dancer and aerialist, I have always been taught how important it is to focus on strength paired with flexibility. If you stretch without keeping your muscles strong you can become too flexible without the strength to support it and accidentally hurt yourself
Glic Ria F.
Over stretching can cause muscles to appear lax instead of toned. It can also cause instability issues with joints which can lead to tissue tears in muscles, tendons or ligaments
Harold Y.
Probably. You shouldn't push your body into positions that feel uncomfortable. And there isn't much need to hold a position longer than 30 seconds or so.
Silke Y.
•Streching is hard, because -let's be honest- it hurts; but that doesn't mean that the more it hurts, the more flexible you become. You have to find the border.
•I think that doing a 10 minute streching routine everyday helps me retain my flexibility. Also, when I want to focus on one specific part of my body, I spend more time streching.
•Scientific studies have shown that in order to get more flexible, you need to strech for 7 minutes in total.
Margot S.
Definitely. I was in PT for multiple concussions and they also found slipped discs causing pain in my neck and shoulders. Even the person without injuries can sustain further injuries just pushing too hard or over-stretching.

I need to keep things gentle. As soon as I feel a tinge of pain I stop. Most trainers say to continue through pain but I can't afford to re- injure myself.

Like the 10 minute stretches on Fabulous. They look amazing for the regular person. I'd do them if I could.

I'm trying the morning stretch on Calm and can do the first half. That's quite an accomplishment for me.

Three of the stretches for the Stretching Challenge on Fabulous are now great, thank you! I'm thinking of adding more this week. Terrific!

Cipriano S.
I guess so. But I am pretty in tune with my body and I listen to it, not too little, not too hard. Deep breathing as I move from body area to body area.