How do you stretch those tight spots between your shoulder blades, hips, and glutes?

Resi Glock
Shoulders: cat/cow stretch, wall assisted stretch and I throw in the chest stretch too. Hips: forward bend, tree pose, laying down. I do the twists and knees bent feet touching for those hip flexors. Glutes: standing leg stretching and downward dog.

Hermano Cardoso
Looking for a yoga routine on YouTube or other internet sources will help you find something you're looking for. Try a few different routines and see what you find that works for you.

Adam Larsen
Have you tried foam rolling? Rolling helps massage and work the muscles to straighten knots and contusions. Hurts so good and I love it.

Rita Wrede
I do a pose that looks like a seal! For my stomach when it’s tight. My shoulders I juts use my arms. Anyways hopefully this is helpful