I would appreciate some tips of what stretch poses to do

Emma W.
I like to do "butterfly pose" its where you sit with your feet infront of you facing eachother. Then you grab your ankles and stretch your head down just below you feet and hold for a little while. I also like to stretch by touching my toes, stretching my arms one at a time behind me (like you are itching your back) and with your free and push on your elbow towards your back. Some days stretching for me can also just be clenching all my mussels and then letting go. It feels very nice and makes me less tense. Hope this helps! 🙂
Laurita Q.
I would look some up on youtube or Pinterest, that way you can find some that will be tailored to your needs. There are stretches for everything, back pain, leg pain, flexibility. The Fabulous app also has some good poses you can try, so don’t be afraid to look around and switch it up every few days!
Radhika Z.
Stretches i do:
Standing side bends,
Toe touches,
Inch worm,
Good mornings,
Cobra pose,
Shoulder stretches,
Trunk circles,
Standing hamstring stretch
Alaina E.
I would try sun salutations. They are simple, and provide a good stretch to the whole body. Also, if you match your breathing to the movements, they are relaxing and centering.
Megan S.
Great stretches to start out with would be standing upright, and folding your upper body down forehead to knees. Breath. Maybe add downward dog into a cobra pose, that’s one of my favorite stretches!
Juliana T.
One that helps me feel energetic when I’m stuck is to stand up hold my foot up to my bottom for 15 seconds each side and them cross the foot over the opposites knee and sit low for other 15 seconds each side in a 4 figure. Legs are reactivated and stretched/
Dana Q.
I try to go from head to toe stretching each muscle group..neck side to side and front to to back. Shoulders-reach up, forward and back. Side stretches. Hips-side to side and front to back, circles. Quad stretch. Hamstrings. Calves. Ankles. ❤️
Jennifer N.
I like the exercises that come suggested in the app! lots of yoga poses but definitely use whatever you need to suit you, when I need to de stress, I like to do certain things but for my back I have another set and for my knees and legs another, you can search them online as well but I tend to match my stretch to what my day and my body needs