How important is positive self-talk for you when stretching and reaching your goals?

Ma Wenn Y.
Positive self talk… helps me battle the negative thoughts inside. Each positive thought makes me challenge the thoughts that are living within. To me it doesnt matter if I do it during stretching because it is just important to do it in general.

Hilda Q.
It is very important because then you are improving yourself and telling yourself how to get better rather than someone else critising you

Felicitas N.
It is important to set a goal in mind and see yourself achieving that goal by reminding yourself why you are doing that specific stretch every time

Elsbeth O.
It is extremely important for your long term goals. But it is also important to be realistic for your short term goals. I need to be sure of my capabilities and limitations before setting any deadlines and goals for myself. Or else how can I be sure that I would achieve my dreams.

Terrance Z.
This is a good reminder, I haven't been using it. I do tell myself that I will enjoy the activity, and the sense of accomplishment once it's done.

Ida Y.
It is very important. When doing anything, to retrain our brains to focus on positive selftalk. I have probably 45 years of negative selftalk. It is hard, but I try to catch myself and reframe my talk. Stretching, walking, exercising, deep breathing, driving, anytime is a good time to catch negative talk and change it to positive talk.

John P.
Positive thinking and affirmations are such a game changer. Honestly it’s a daily struggle, but since I have been making it part of my routine I have noticed a difference in my motivation.

Timothy X.
I'm sure that it is infinitely better than negative self talk. Nothing wrong with being your own cheerleader. Someone has too.

Andrej C.
Very important! If you aren’t positive with yourself, positive words from others could be harder to accept, because you might think they’re lying just to save face. Giving yourself positive self-talk is vital to your own success. Yes, strive to have a support system/mentor/etc. But above all else, believe in yourself and be consistent in positive self-talk in order to keep moving forward, no matter what anyone else may negatively throw at you!

Lucille P.
It is so important for me to encourage myself and give myself “pep talks”. Positive self-talk sinks in much deeper than someone else speaking positively to me. I need to hear my own thoughts and teach myself to love and encourage myself.