I have sometimes have pain in my lower back. Is there any stretches that could help?

Jonas N.
I like child’s pose. But they say back pain is usually triggered by something in your glutes or hamstrings so try and stretch within that area to relieve the stress
Sierra Z.
Sit on the floor with one leg bent and the other one straight out to the side. What you want to do is slide your hands down the straight leg as far as you can comfortably go and take deep breathes to loosen your lower back. Do this on each leg for at least 30 seconds. Over time, your back may release whatever stress it’s been holding and you’ll feel better. Good luck!
Isolino Z.
Child's pose is great for lower back pain! From a kneeling position, bring the forehead to the floor and relax the arms alongside the body, palms upwards.
Rh P.
Please try supine twist both sides, upward facing dog, and on your back to hug the knees.
Some yoga apps have free sessions for back pain, such as daily yoga and keep yoga. Just download the apps and search with key words.
Simon C.
Yes of course but you better see a doctor , you can stretch your neck by rotating it slowly in a circle to the right then switch and you can but massage oil on it and do soft massage for your neck
Kumar Q.
Do those backpains come during meditation time alone and not before or after? Then don't stop meditation just continue it. Healing process happens. If those pains are not during meditation and present all the time then try to do sun salutation yogic exercises or cat and camel posture exercises.
Allen O.
The suryanamaskar yoga routine is extremely beneficial as a stretching workout.
Do it slowly with proper breathing and holding each stretch for a comfortable time.
It will help proper alignment of your spinal cord and stabilize your core muscles. This should get rid of back ache usually caused due to bad posture during sleeping or normal daily work.
Hope this helps!
Naja P.
A good stretch for lower back pain is the knee to chest stretch. Lay on your back and bend your knee at 90 degrees and bring it up into your chest and hold for 30 seconds and then switch.
Anna N.
Hi 🙂 try to go down on all four and the next stretch your left arm and your right leg. Then put your left elbow to your right knee. Repeat ten times, then switch sides. Try to stay in balance and it's sinking to one side. That helps me a lot. Good luck and have a nice day!
Paula N.
Look up information by a stretching expert named Bob Anderson. He wrote a book about 20 years ago simply called "Stretching". He has simple and quick step by step routines that make a big difference in only minutes a day.