How do I keep pushing past the first 3-4 days? That’s when my habits tend to fall flat.

Nora E.
You could try putting something at the start of your list that’s enjoyable. Like enjoy your favorite beverage, put on some favorite music, light a candle, or spend a few minutes on a favorite activity, any little reward or activity that makes you happy. Starting with something easy to check off helps you start, which is half the battle. I put simpler things at the start of my list so that it’s easy to build up steam. Also check how long your overall routine takes. If it’s an hour, 2 hours, etc. tell yourself that’s a small price to pay for accomplishing the things you’ve decided are important. It can all be over in 2 hours and then you’ll feel so good! Keep telling yourself a tiny percentage of your day is a small price to pay for desired results, and just work on getting accepting that it’s going to take a little time every day, it’s unavoidable. Half the time we’re telling ourselves an untrue story that’s working against us, ask yourself what thoughts are coming against you. Bringing awareness can break some of the hold. We definitely can change the future!
Norah Y.
I think that connecting your goals to a deeper want that involves you gaining something, helps to keep your purpose for staying motivated clear and at the front of your mind. If you have something to gain by sticking with your routine, you may be more likely to continue with it. And also start slow. Don’t try to introduce tons of things into your routine right off the bat.
Artur Z.
If I have outside motivators, I tend to be more successful. That's why I'm using Fabulous. I'm trying to consciously be self motivated now. I have to slow down and thoroughly think about my actions (grabbing that donut in the break room, pushing snooze rather than getting up to exercise). I need self talk to pump me up.
Urea F.
It’s okay to remember that your not going to have your habits done 100% everyday. Most people don’t. Sickness and unexpected circumstances can stop you from completing your habits. It’s just good to do them when you can.
Charlie Z.
actually it really helpful, makes/brings me on the track. thank u, keep remind me. actually dring the business trip, it is very hard to keep my regular routine complete, that i promised. this part is the most difficult to me, and it was really hard.. i wanted to pause my (the fabulous) plan for a while, and it ruined my new journey building new habits.
Brandie R.
Read the things that you've written that make you feel grateful. Think about how the days which you planned ahead, exercised and ate right made you feel. Maybe it was difficult to get up to exercise or one more oz of water will just be too much. At the end of the day though, you will feel so much better that you did. Not to mention how proud of yourself you'll be.