Where do you stretch? In bed after you wake up? In the office ? So you set up a nice relaxing area at home?

Jorja Q.
I don’t really mind where I stretch. I just have to have enough room. I do prefer getting outside and stretching though. I either stretch in my bedroom or outside on our grass area.
Medet X.
There is no perfect time and place, just start. You might never start doing it if you start searching the best condition. Your mind may trick you to do that the next time when conditions are met.
Adriana P.
I like to do a minor stretch as soon as I wake up in bed and around my room. During my breaks throughout the day I like to strech and practice deep breathing for at least five minutes to release any tension and stay relaxed.
Natalie Y.
On the floor next to my bed, either just after waking up or just before heading to bed. Might chuck in a few sneaky yoga poses, or follow a yoga instruction/ stretching app.
Lucas B.
I usually do my Strech by my the side of bed later on when I go to the exercise moment I put my yoga mat and do some morning after finishing my 7 minutes workout