What are warmup exercises I have to do before running?

Karl F.
Do non-static exercises such as squats, yoga, or dancing. After your run do static stretches such as splits, toe touches, and hamstring stretches. This will decrease the likelihood of cramping during and after your run.
Hans Peter U.
I start with my anckles and move to the top, ending with my neck. I try to do some yoga streches for legs- targeting hamstrings. Before i start running I walk for a minute.
Adrian Z.
I like to do leg swings, front to back and side to side. They’re great for getting stretched out and getting your blood pumping a little before you start. If you’re going for a longer run then maybe something called monster walks. Basically you walk and bring your knee up and swing it outward, stretching your groin and hip. I do in to put and out to in. Hope this helps!
Isandro E.
Warm up exercises should always be done not only to wake your body up but to stretch out and protect your body from injury.
Mathias E.
1. Make sure that your body is warm and that you have strected. Another way to warm up is to do some jumping jacks
2. Gather all of your materials (ex. phone, headphones, water) so that you don’t forget anything
Roberta C.
Here is my typical warm up: 30s high knees, 30s butt kicks, 45-60s squats with hip opener (squat, on the press up raise your left leg until knee is parallel to the ground, swing leg out to the left and down back into your squat stance, squat and repeat on right side), 10 reps pendulum lunges with side bend per side (lunge forward with left foot, hold 2 seconds, push up and pause in middle without putting foot down, step back into reverse lunge, bend to right side; repeat for reps then switch sides), 45-60s plank with knee drivers (from plank, drive one knee to the opposite elbow, return to plank and drive the same knee to your chest, return to plank and drive the same knee to the outside of the same-side arm.
Repeat on the other leg), and 45-60s bridges with knee drivers (lie on your back with knees bent and feet flat on the floor, push through your heels to lift your hips up while engaging your hamstrings and squeezing your glutes.
Hold the bridge and engaging your core, drive one knee to the same-side shoulder. Return to the bridge and lower your pelvis to the ground before repeating on the opposite side.)
Erin S.
•Hamstring Stretches:
-Secondary Split
-Figure 4's
•Arm and Shoulder Stretches
-Reaching Arms
-Shoulder Hugs
•Neck Stretches
-Leaning Left to Right
•Rolling Wrists and Ankles
Reimer T.
Most people dont think about their feet, spine, or hips when stretching before fitness. Focus on gentley warming up the feet with ankle circles, pointing and flexing, and calf stretches. Then move up the body to leg stretches like knee circles, hip flexor warm ups, rolling up the spine, ect. The more present you are in your body before the run, the more receptive you are to its signals to prevent injuries.
Tiffany T.
Ones that stretch activate your muscles before you use them so like for example the exercise ‘open the gate’ activates your hip flexors.
Dan S.
Make sure to move all the main joints like ankle, knee, shoulder, elbow both ways ten times each. You can do a few sit ups,lunges and jumping jacks too.
Abby F.
Stretching your legs! Very important to stretch your legs before and after a run. It loosens the muscles and prevents cramps.
Noah A.
When I used to run I would walk for a few minutes, then jog a few, then run. I stretched after the run when my muscles were looser.
Cathy Z.
I suggest doing a bit of research online for runners' stretches before you get started — I've found that stretching correctly is a great way to ensure you enjoy a safe run! And by looking online, you can see an example of how to do the stretch. My favorite resource is Runner's World magazine; their website has a ton of helpful, smart info for runners. I've also found good yoga, stretching, and exercise info on the PopSugar blog. It's difficult to sift out wise information from the babble on the internet; these two sources are my tried-and-true go-tos. As for what kind of stretches: I've had luck including general warm-up and cool-down stretches, hamstring stretches, and ankle stretches. Yoga is excellent as a companion to a running routine — it serves to loosen up all the little muscles we don't know are tight. If you have an area of tension on your body (for me, it's my lower back) you want to be sure to warm that up before hitting the pavement. Start your running program gently, mixing walking in with gentle jogging, at first. Listen to your body — it will tell you what needs more attention. Have fun!
Erica X.
Good way to warm up is to start running slowly for a short amount of time, even for as little as few minutes. This is just to get the blood circulation going and the body literally warmer. Then you can stop and do some dynamic stretching to activate all the muscles. Also try to prepare your joints like knees and ankles for the activity you're about to start. Excercises like jumping, high knees and long strides are all good for warm-up before running.
Vivan J.
Stretching mostly or a light yoga session actually I prefer to do the warm-up about midway through or a bit sooner, it works for me but I do always stretch but a lesser version than most runners, less strenuous.
Louisa Z.
Usually I'll do active stretching. Such a stationary stretching that's usually done in a cool down. I'll do things to warm the muscles up and make sure they're ready to go
Sam U.
Your joints need to warm up before running, the best thing is to move them to their whole range of movement in order to avoid sprains. Warm up your ankles, knees, hips, shoulders, elbows, wrists and even your neck to have easier moves.
Then warm up your biggest muscle groups of your legs to improve blood irrigation, like running slowly but exagerating the movements. For instance touch your gluteous with your heels or move your knees higher than usual on the strides. Do it about one minute and the start running slowly to increase your air intake and make your heart work… do it for 5 minutes alternating the exagerated movements and then you are ready for running longer or faster!
Ben E.
I would do about 2 minutes of breathing/meditating and 8 minutes of stretching the entire body. So try lunges, butt kicks, Superman, child's pose, cobra stretch, and standing side bends.
Aurore S.
It’s good to warm up first by walking. Then stretch your calves & quads gently.
Ilan Z.
Well, I typically do 10 jumping jacks, toe touches, and squats.
Cecilie C.
Usually running is as a warmup itself but it's good to start with walking before as well. Some prefer streching. That depends on the density of your running but slow running is good enough warmup itself.
Irma X.
I thought the evidence showed that warm ups increased likelihood of running injuries.

I stretch so that my muscles don't get stiff and stuck but that's even without running. Yoga is super good for this.

Mocinha Q.
Starts with a routine of time making sure everything is there such as your outfit your shoes then spend a couple of minutes as you’re getting dressed preparing yourself for your run. Take the time stretching your legs, your arms, Twisting your trunk, hopping in place, Shake out your arms and legs and be ready for the road
Hilda Q.
Making sure to stretch your legs well. Try to do some other light cardio like jumping jacks, etc to get your heart rate up a little bit as well.
Evan O.
Floor sweeps, alternating toe touches, walking lunge, flamingo stretch, and hip circles. All done in a dynamic fashion can loosen up hip flexors and open hips as well as loosening up hamstrings, calves and quads.
Evandro N.
Stretching out calf and quad muscles in the legs will help. Otherwise you may feel pain in the legs shortly after starting the run
Julia Y.
Hamstring holds and rolling out the ankles and wrists and neck. Loosen the shoulders and stretching the lower back is key, too.
Adam Z.
I usually dont warm up too much for running, as I often use running as a warmup itself. Nevertheless it is good to move your joints, especially yhe ankles, knees and hips in circular moves. As an overall warmup you can also do Jumping Jacks!
Rasmus E.
I am not a runner. However I feel that there are some good all body yoga poses that would help you warm up and down for running
Augusta F.
I think it's important to be fully awake before run. Then I will do some walking. Like 5 to 10 minutes before running. Also make sure to use running shoes than comfy sandals or slippers
Bonif Cio N.
A good idea is an all around light stretching of the limbs. You can take additional time to target the quadriceps and hamstring specifically to ensure they are adequately loosened up.
Amelia S.
Stretch! It will warm up your muscles for the exercise and prevent injury. Besides it will make you feel better before and afterwards.
Joel Q.
I don't run much because I get shin splints real easily but do stretches specific to your shins like standing on your tip toes and then back down multiple times while stretching your arms straight up above your head also put one foot at a time while standing, against a wall with the ball of your foot against the wall and put both hands on your thigh of the same leg, another way to do this same stretch without a wall is have the heel of your foot on the floor and point foot up in the same position. The other thing that is crucial to do before running is a warm up walk to get your heart rate up so for about 5-10 minutes start with a normal paced walk increasing speed slowly till you are in a full run
Ethel E.
The answer might surprise you. As long as your technique is correct, running in itself is a warmup. Cardio exercises warm up your muscles so that you can stretch them properly afterwards. Of course, running is only one of the many cardio exercises you can do to properly warm up your muscles. I'd never stretch my muscles before properly warming up. If the muscles are 'cold', trying to stretch them would greatly heighten the risk of injury. There was actually a study that showed how stretching before a run heightened that risk. Hope that helped!