Have you ever pulled a muscle while stretching?

Jade Z.
Yes I have. Either by over exurding myself, thinking I could stretch longer or more of the muscle than I could, also by not knowing the correct way to do the stretch was because it's actually very tidies and have to follow step by step to make sure you stretch the correct way. So more is not better in this situation, less is better because you can always do another rep of the stretch stretching your muscle just a tiny bit more. Never overexurt yourself.
Kimber F.
Not yet! I’ve been taking it slow, starting with stretches that I’m familiar with, I don’t push myself at the very beginning in fear of pulling something. I build up my strength by stretching for 5-10 minutes twice a day, and as it feels better and less tense I start working on pushing my muscles even more while using the same stretches until I can do it perfectly. Then, I start adding stretches that are more advanced.
Dean F.
I haven't pulled one but i was close. Iwas pushing down to much. I wanted to go to quickly. Wich never works because it just sets you back when you've overdone yourself
Lindsey N.
No because I listen to my body. If it hurts when I stretch then I'm doing it too aggressively and I stop to readjust. You should never stretch until you warm up your muscles to prevent pulling a muscle. Jumping Jacks is one you can do to warm up. After warming up your muscles you can stretch. Always listen to your body and never stretch where it hurts. You just want to feel the muscle stretching, not hurting. Hope this helps!
Artemis C.
I think everyone has at some point or another. Pushing yourself too far trying to get to the next step or goal too quickly and putting yourself one step back as a result
Tom The Mobile10 N.
I think so. When I practiced a lot of Pilates and some yoga I would stretch a lot . I remember some of the stretching would hurt but ultimately would help me
Christine P.
Absolutely! I find stretching the muscle out and gently massaging it helps. Staying hydrated helps fight against cramps.
Jasmine B.
No. As long as you don't push yourself too hard you are fine. Do it correctly. Ask a fitness coach. There are you tube videos explaining how to do it right and what stretch works on what muscle.