What is the best stretching routine to get me relaxed at night?

Theres X.
I usually start with stretching out my legs because my hamstrings and calves would be sore the next morning from my workout. I don’t really have a duration for my workouts, I just do what feels good. When I thoroughly stretch out my legs, I move on to my arms because my biceps and triceps are my next misty worked muscles in my body. I finally end with back stretches because they not only help me relax the best but releases tension all around my body. The back is also the hardest place in the body to get flexible. I am really trying to get flexibility in both my legs and my back and that is why I stretch them out the most. I always keep pushing myself when I do my stretches because practice makes perfect. Like people always say ‘No pain, no gain’. This quote I sent not a literal idea of how one should stretch, it is just a mental note to keep in mind in order not to give up.