How long is your stretching routine?

Anselm Z.
In an ideal world, I would stretch forward for 10 counts of 10, and back for the same. It depends what part of me needs the most attention, but I try to stretch left/right, forward/back equally.

Antoine I.
I use a foam roller first to release any tense areas in my back and shoulders. I then sit and stretch my legs and hips on the floor. I use the doorway to stretch my shoulders, to close the door and brace myself to stretch out my wrists and ankles. I roll my head around to help stretch my neck.

Juliana A.
It depends of the day. Generally if I'm free I do 10 min of stretching. But if I have to go out I keep it short like 2-3 min.

Michele E.
Mine is specifically for my lower back and I stretch for 10 min in the morning and 10min (sometimes 15min) in the evening. I run in one place for about a minute to warm up

Kim S.
It typically depends on the physical activity I’ve done the day before. I like to stretch when I get out of bed 1-5 min and then again midday in the form of yoga or just in sync with deep breathing exercises.

Silke X.
About ten minutes seems to work for me. I stretch for at least 20 seconds per stretch. A good alternative if I’m stiffer is yoga with the Nike + Training Club app, which allows you to download workouts for free to do. They have yoga workouts from 7-45 minutes long. I’ve also heard of people who were so stiff, they stretch for 2 hours a day. That’s not necessary for most, but hopefully focusing on the things you need to stretch for about 20-30 seconds each is helpful.

Mila T.
My stretching routine is only a minute long. Or sometimes it will be twelve to fifteen minutes long if I do a stretching starter.

Nelson O.
Not long, a minute is my usual. I do hamstrings, lunges, side to side lunges, side bends, and pigeon stretches if time permits. It's all about getting the blood and lymphatic fluid moving after spending the morning working, which can get me into a stressed, tension posture.

Jerry W.
It’s short – for me the whole point is to just get my blood flowing, it’s not about getting a workout in. If I can get out of bed and move a lil but it wakes me up and makes me happy

Kurt C.
My stretching routine is 10 minutes. As long as my body feels better after, I don't mind being under or over the set aside time