What is your favorite time of day to stretch?

Julie P.
The morning is the best time to stretch, because it helps get your body moving and helps you feel more awake. It's also good to do stretches before bed, to help loosen up your muscles after using them all day, and to keep you from feeling extra stiff in the morning!
Auroraliz B.
My favorite time to stretch would be around in the evening because I usually have nothing to do around that time and feel the most pumped about it .
Kay N.
I like to stretch in the morning after I wake up. I feel like it helps me wake up and feel better. I like to make it a habit because I'll be less sore and less tired.
Mikayla U.
In the morning! I'll dance to an upbeat song to warm up my muscles and then do some stretching. The whole thing really helps to wake me up.