How can I find motivation to stretch

Martina C.
Everyone does it for different reasons. I do it because it helps relieve pain in my shoulders. When I was an athlete, I didn't stretch properly and now my shoulders get numb very easily when stressed. If you are an athlete too or like to do sport, stretch keeping in mind what happened to me. Hope this helps
Math O E.
Personally I just try to think of how good I feel afterwards. If your one minute of stretching doesn’t feel like it helps much, try searching for “5 minute morning stretches” or something similar on YouTube. I’ve found a few creators that make good quick stretch videos that help get my blood pumping first thing in the morning to energize me for the rest of the day. I hope this helps!
Qonita M.
You can think that stretch is a good thing for you. Like "If i stretch, my body is more healthy. And if i stretch my body with a calm mind, i can move closer to my purpose." Remember this" A small thing, that a positive thing, can change your live. If you do it with a positive mind and you do it every day" Oh! I forgot to say "If you want to be a succes person, do a small thing again and again. 1 minute become 1 hour. 1 day become every day. And you, become a succes person." Thanks 🙂
Philip C.
you find motivation by wanting to change. the need of changing is bigger than anything else, that's why we sometimes get bored of our routine. put that effort in small things, like stretching, then improve your effort and apply it in bigger things. <3