When does it stop hurting

Cayla L.
It's gonna be a while before it stops hurting so bad. But you have to keep mind, this is a adventure, not an immediate fix to all our problems. These things, like most, take time. Be patient, we'll get there together.
Irene N.
When does what stop hurting? I’ll try to give an answer that could be used more widely, it doesn’t. Things will not ever stop hurting, unless an equal effort is made. Even then, things in this world are not at all fair, so most of the time, unless there is a direct logical and scientific answer, it doesn’t. Hope that helps a bit!😊
Nancy U.
The hurting doesn’t stop but your ability to stand in the hurt strengthens. Soon you begin to uncover the lessons for the hurt, you unlock an entirely new part of your being you didn’t know existed. The hurt begins to move out of your core and you begin to notice new, beautiful energies from where the hurt once was. You begin to lose focus of the hurt, you know it’s always there, floating around your being as a reminder of the lessons you integrated, but it’s no longer controlling your life. The new energies become your focus, your new core, and you can’t imagine your life any other way.