What are the benefits of stretching?

Joe C.
For me, in addition to increasing flexibility and revealing tension and joint pain, it also gives me the chance to center myself and focus on my breath.
Kate O.
It can relieve muscle tension, increase flexibility, help with soreness and get your body moving when it's cold or early and you're feeling stiff. You can start with long stretches where you just reach for it as much as you can, then do pulsing stretch where you're making small bursts to reach further and warm up some
B R Nice I.
Aside from reducing the pain the next day, I use my stretching sessions as a meditation time. I do a mixture of yoga, mobility, and stretching exercices with music that relaxes me and I can focus on my body sensations.
Randy S.
Stretching helps to wake us up clearing mind maybe massed up with unhealthy dreams in the morning. Moreover, it gives us some energy and vitality.