do you prefer to stretch in the morning or night?

Ahmad X.
I do both honestly. I have different stretches for the morning and for evening. Morning stretches start off slow and easy; more basic movements. You're more stiff in the morning so be gentle – side to side bends with arms overhead, supported forward bend and back bend; lift your legs like you're doing high knees but without speed or power you're just getting some movement going. Try cat and cow yoga stretches. And don't forget to breathe – take in some conscious deep breaths and expell all the old air from your nights' sleep!
At night I focus on more calming stretches, usually stretches on the floor and on my back – seated bends child's pose, back bridges, light neck exercises and again, don't forget the breathing. It's about intention – in the morning I look to my breathe to energize me and at night I focus on calming my body and mind.
Good luck, I hope this helps.
Josip N.
I prefer to stretch in the morning because it helps me loosen up the muscles in my body, I feel more relaxed, my mood changes, I become more flexible, aware of my body & breathing, & it helps me feel productive since it’s part of my morning routine. Small steps like this makes me feel accomplished. It’s a stress reliever as well
Tatiana N.
Both! I love starting the day waking up my body with reaching up and touching my toes to get myself centered. Right before bed I’ll cross my arms across my chest about 5 seconds each and roll my neck for about 10 to take that stress out before laying down for the night