How can I encourage myself to stretch therapeutically every day?

Brandie Baker
Start small. Allow yourself to be encouraged by a minute or under . Minute stretch to start. Do it daily or even a minute stretch several times throughout the day and you will see a huge difference in how you feel. Get the blood flowing and feel good and think clearer!

Elmer Warren
I do my stretching in the evening right before I go to bed. It helps me sleep so well. It’s the same with any habit, once you do it a few times and see how much it benefits your well being you won’t be able to not do it. Let a great night sleep be your motivation.

Alma Jensen
I need to think about how much stretching helps me during my day. I know I have to be able to move my body and it is so helpful to not hurt during the day.

Jordan Louis
I'm 56 years old and you can reasonably expect to be too. Your body will be very different by then if you don't stretch. The sooner you begin a comprehensive range of stretching, the better your later years will be.

Melissa Bishop
What, for you, represents health? Where do you stretch? Hang up images of health and disease and hang them up side by side where you stretch and where you brush your teeth and in the room where you spend most of your time. Even if you don’t immediately feel more motivated, it will plant motivation in your mind and will grow with time. Research has long shown that successful motivation is internal motivation verses external motivation so look within to find motivation. If you find none, actively develop it.

Glen James
Actually i also first didnt wanted to strech but before i go to sleep i just have one thing in mind that i have to become a new person and how i want to be like ?
When i wake up , just think that its just one minute.
It can change a lot.
If i didnt do it today it means i will do it never in my life.
And ya then in stand up and start streching…………………..

Armando Fowler
We shouldnt mark or annotate stretching as a duty or errand rather incorporate it in our lifestyle. I.e moms can do it with their children, Office workers can do a quick stretch during breaks. It doesnt need to be elaborate, long and weird. It should be fun, easy but effective 😀

Gertrude Byrd
Think of how good it feels after you finish that stretching routine, how light your body feels and how loosened your muscles are. How happy you are with yourself, too. Recall these feelings as you hit a slump, and they're bound to tempt you to stick to it. And if it doesn't work on one day, forgive yourself and get back on track the next day. It's okay, and it happens to everyone. You got this. Good luck!