Do you think it is good to add variation to stretching habits or should they stay similar every day?

Caterina S.
I’d say some variation is definitely good. You want to stretch all of your muscles, even the ones you don’t use everyday. However, I think you need to stretch your biggest muscles everyday. They are the ones your are using when working out, and stretching is how we maintain flexibility and hopefully prevent injury. So use some variation, but don’t leave out your regular stretches either.
Lilian E.
Variety of course but also think of your tight areas. Don’t make the routine too complicated though or you won’t do it.
Gerald T.
Since I am still working on forming this habit. I feel having to come up with variations cost more energy, which may organically stop me doing it every day. But if you are into it, I guess just be
Sebastian G.
My experience shows me that a core group of streaching exercise s helps if rotated . However flow of where the body informs us is integrated into the routine to great benefit
Inaya Y.
I think keeping a mostly similar routine is best for consistency, but once the habit of stretching is made, changing things up a bit definitely won’t hurt. Plus, it helps you gain flexibility in new places. And flexibility is actually quite useful in certain exercise!
Jenny Q.
Do what feels good. That’s what I tell myself when stretching. I usually have some basic moves I do all the time but my body’s needs are constantly changing so I like to adapt my stretching habits accordingly.
Baptiste W.
Im not sure. I think you have to stretch the same muscle every day for at least 1min to see improvements. Then when you are finished stretching out the muscle, you could move on to focusing on stretching another muscle. But always stretch the former muscle at least once or twice per week. Otherwise it will get shorter again. But i do believe it's a good thing to stretch muscles in different variations as well.
Toni U.
I think they should not stay the same, so that you try something new each day. Keeping them the same is like eating he same food for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I recommend trying a new stretching variation each day or up to two days a different one.
Deann T.
I get bored with the same routine. But when I am learning I want it easy to learn so I will like repetitive movements and to slow music till I get what I am doing then I like to change it up a little.
Amauri F.
I say you should add variation. It creates an amazing feeling of not having to stick to the same routine that you just push through.
Wade J.
I try to change my stretching or a regular basis. Sometimes I feel a tight area that need a bit of attention and other times I stretch the way my physio therapist showed me and still other times I use a yoga stretching routine
Asta N.
Yes I think it’s a great idea to add variation when stretching. Almost as meditating but not all the way! There’s great examples on YouTube!!
Alex X.
You should switch it up! Switching up the way you stretch should help motivate you to complete the task and keep you on track to a successful day 😀
Sinaida E.
I think its good to have "everyday set" of strech excercises which remains always the same…and that it is good to add differwnt cariations or way of connecting one to another through workout too. Variations and changes are wellcome, yes.
Joel S.
I believe you should do light stretches in all areas every day but vary the muscle group each day that you spend more time on.
Milka P.
I think if you're targeting stretching one area everyday then there should be a variation, But if you are doing a full body stretch it's okay to do the same routine everyday.
Raul E.
I believe so, changing the whole format of your stretches each day can make it more fun or a cool goal you want to meet in your routine to see if you can make it.
Hana P.
Variation is the very spice of life! I would definitely switch it up. I try to get my body use to change and keeping things fresh certainly does that. Keep moving, stay hydrated. Let’s do this!
Bruce N.
They should develop everyday. Not changing your routine can be so boring that you'll just stop, wich is really bad becouse exercising everyday is something u have to be able to do. I know it is Hard but if you'll stick to it 4-7 days you'll be okay.
Abigail Y.
I think it would be better to add slight variation or build ontop of old habits. Build the foundation and layer it so you are more accomplished where you have come and where you are going.
Sharon P.
Adding variation can actually create a strength in your flexibility along the lines of which muscles and strategies you’re using. Just be sure not to do toooo much different.