What exercises can I do after waking up (jumping, kicking, and stretching, etc.) in order to get rid of sleepiness? Will martial art training help?

Arlene Z.
The first thing i would suggest is to do some stretching as soon as you wake up in the bed itself, which will make you feel better and more awake. You can follow it up with a few pushups and squats after getting of the bed. This much would be good enough to get started. Once this becomes a habit. You can experiment and be creative.
Brayden J.
Move around deliberately. Slowly get your heart rate up. Don’t jump around – that’s too much when you first wake up. Take a moderate pace walk and stretch once your muscles are warm.
Edgar E.
Stretching has always done the trick for me. Sometime I also stand on my toes whilst in the shower to really try to get rid of the slowness
Jenny W.
Absolutely. If you know martial arts or are learning morning is a perfect time to stretch and go through all the katas you know.
Egon O.
I do yoga after waking up (Yoga with Adriene on Youtube) and it has really helped me to start easing into the day amd transitioning from sleep to wakefulness. I used to do Jiu Jitsu so I do think that martial arts would also maybe help because it can be so intense, but I would personally find it hard to do immediately after waking up. It could also wear you out before the day really starts.
Clifton P.
I like to exercise on the Rebounder. It's easy to start, gets the circulation going, exercises the whole body, and is fun! I like to put on a favorite tune and boogie! It feels good!
Am Lie T.
Dance dance dance!!! Put on a song and dance it out for a song …or 2 if you’re feeling it 💃🏻✨
Tap tap tap!!! Tap into to ancient wisdom of qi gong and the practice of tapping on the meridians to move energy. 🙏🏻✨💎

Stop drop and shake it!! Shimmy shake and shuffle. Shaking every part of your body either strategically from the ground up (shaking the feet first and then making your way up) or just free for shake yo shit! 🙌

Hil Ria S.
The best exercise especially in the morning is definitely either skipping rope or jumping on a mini trampoline, this will help the fluid in the lymphatic system to start moving and this assists with lymphatic drainage. Getting those fluids moving also helps with the bodies natural detox process.
Start-off small play your favourite dance like no-one is watching song and jump to it, you can increase your time every week by adding another song.
Thea U.
I think it will be great to do so. I myself am a green belt im taekwondo. I do want to improve my flexibility and kicks. But I fail to do such a thing as things I'm the morning after waking up. Because it takes warm up and stretching to do martial arts and stretching just doesn't give me the energetic vide in the morning. The idea of going through a process of warming up and stretching just to practice martial arts makes me choose sleeping most often. So to get rid of sleepiness I think doing some jumping jacks or crunches is ideal. It looks pretty doable in the morning. After all who doesn't like the idea of improving their abs in the morning ? It can also keep people apart from eating unhealthy foods in the morning as most of them won't want their efforts go in vain.
Yann Z.
Stretch your body in bed then after getting out of bed you shake off your body like you geting something off
Viktor E.
Stretching is foremost and important for your muscles bones and blood circulation. Breathing deep will get your respiratory system going. Squats are very good for your knees and balance. Running , jogging or a nice walk will help to get all systems firing. Finally some sort of martial art will be great to bring the body and mind into total focus
Vicki P.
I personally do a little stretching to loosen the muscles. Then I do squats, crunches and bridges. I don’t know anything about martial arts but I’m sure it helps.
Janardo P.
I tend to meditate – the deep breathing gets rid of sleepiness.
If you have bags of energy then do whatever takes your fancy – I imagine a HIIT workout would properly yield results. Or just have a nice dance while making breakfast!
Elis F.
Any exercise that is aerobic and that gets your pulse up should stave away any sleepiness. Martial Arts, Pilates or Zumba should do the trick.
Amber S.
Excerises you should do after waking up can include jumping or stretching to get rid of sleepiness. Martial arts will definetly help getting rid of tireness! Also remember to stay haydrated in the morning!
Teresa C.
30 seconds of buttkickers followed by 30 seconds of jumping jacks will get your blood flowing and wake you up in the morning.
Mathilde C.
First of all,I want to say you that you have to be honest about you.It means when you decide for anything to do,you will do that in anyhow.
If you feel sleepiness after waking up,you should try 3-2-1 rule.
It says when you want to do anything but you can't do it for that time just because of laziness. Then just countdown three two one and just go for the thing.you can change it with your simplicity.You can count it for five four three two one or ten nine….So on.but when you will say one it means you are ready to do that work.
Now after waking up you can do some jumping jacks if you want to be in your room or house,if you can,go for a walk.
I think It will help you.
Sorry for my weak English.
Norah T.
Realistically given the space that I have stretching is the best answer getting out of bed in jumping and kicking seems a little dangerous to me while I'm still sleepy but stretching out and waking the body of slowly would seem to be the best approach for
Benjamin Y.
I find that yoga helps massively, even just the 5 minute ones on YouTube whilst the shower is warming up
Im usually too tired and sleepy for any sudden forceful movements that martial arts need but everyone is different, I'd just say to stretch before doing it
Micheal U.
I recommend a mini workout, include mountain climbers, and yeah martial arts should do the trick(btw it's really cool that you do martial arts)
Reginald Q.
In my experience, simple cardio has been the best pick-me-up for mornings. A lot of those 10-minute bodyweight routines you find on Pinterest that otherwise don't actually do much for you work well. It's less about getting an actual workout in and more about getting your heart rate up and your blood flowing.
Brianna U.
I drink water first and then I start dancing. There are many different dance cardio routines that help wake you up in the morning.
Ninon N.
I think stretching is good first in the morning ☺
Maya W.
I've been doing a morning yoga routine. Has stretching but also has movement that gets my heart rate up so I can wake up gradually and feel ready to go by the time I'm done. It's about a 30 minute routine that I found on Amazon Prime.
Jonathan W.
I like to do stretching as soon as I wake up, because it wakes up my body and put my brain in a good place for the morning.
Juvena C.
Jumping and stretching are best exercises to get rid of sleepiness. yes, martial art will also help to get rid of sleepiness.
Gavin U.
I stretch as part of the 1 minute stretch, though it's more like 3-5 minutes.

Martial arts would be cool, but I don't have the space for it right now.

Julcenira E.
I dance. The music in my ears wakes me up, and I get to choose the tempo and type of song to suit where I'm at that morning. Sometimes you need a slow wake up, others you need to blast something with a beat. It's great having the flexibility. But the most important part is dancing in an area where u p u feel you can totally let loose and "dance like no one's watching".
Gabor C.
Yes. Run,fast walk,some thing get your heart pumping / wake up.I run/ jog fast in place or through out my home for 5min.or more.
Lesa Y.
It might help, only because it would mean you're more flexible as a person. But, not a necessity. I believe for waking yourself up, Jumping Jacks is the best! Few jumping Jacks, and jogging (staying in your place), also you could try to be more active as you do the morning tasks.
Zoe P.
I like to wake my body up slowly with dynamic stretching followed by a walk. Tai Chi might be a good martial art to get started with in the morning.
William Z.
I believe that simple exercises will be better in order to conserve energy for the rest of the day. So perhaps a long stretching session will wake you up better than perhaps a marathon run.
Lukas G.
Stretching and yoga really really helps me. It's a nice and slow transitional exercise that will wake your body up. To me, martial arts would be, in a way, like dumping cold water over your head lol. Yoga and stretching will create an energy that you can hold throughout the day.
Susie P.
Yoga is a simple morning exercise. Something that starts slow and builds up as I wake up. Focusing on breathing, strength and flexibility.
Edwin E.
My experience is that exercise doesnt get rid of sleepiness, but it will help with mental focus, and learning. And probably the best exercise for that is just going for a walk or a light jog. Or dancing. anything that gets your heart rate up a bit, but not too much, for an extended time.

I'm not an expert, but my understanding is this kind of exercise raises the natural amount of brain derived neurotrophic factors (BDNF) in the brain.

If you take BDNF and poor it on a petrie dish of neurons, they start to grow connections like crazy. And I've heard that 30 min or so of aerobic activity can increase BDNF quantities by roughly 30 percent.

If you're feeling sleepy, and you're getting enough sleep, well, my understanding is that some people are biologically night owls, and others are not, so maybe your schedule just doesnt fit youre biorhythm?

If thats the case, maybe you can get some full spectrum lighting to help jog your circadian rhythm.

I have the UpLight, which is controlled by my phone and can simulate sunrise and sunset, so maybe that can help you? Its also a lot cheaper than some other false dawn sinulators out there.

So if you are a night owl, you could probably set a dawn time thats earlier than you need to wake up, and that triggers your body to think its later than it really is by the time you wake up. Although that light might actually wake you up if its right next to you, so play around and see what works for you.

Joseph C.
Quick HIIT really helps me. Even 5-15 minute sessions totally help me feel refreshed. I find ones I like on Pinterest and use the stopwatch setting on my phone
Cecy N.
I don't know about martial arts, but I find that yoga gets me up and feeling energized in the morning. It helps me stretch and loosen any sore or aching muscles, and I just feel better and stronger throughout the day.
I use the YouTube channel Yoga with Adrienne for really great guided videos.
Marcus T.
Do a full body stretch or a quick 5- 10 minute yoga session. This maybe be helpful because it’s low intensity and you don’t have the energy yet. After, if you have the time you can do a quick full body regiment like squats, sit ups/ push ups, etc. YouTube and Pinterest have a lot of great ideas! If you type in maybe “quick morning exercises”
Dora S.
Stretching and a morning workout routine. Martial arts will definitely help. An old strong man technique is to take newspapers in each hand by the corner, crumple and uncrumple to get the black of flowing through your arms. I feel stretching and core exercises are great in the morning to get me going.
Norah E.
Doing push-ups always wakes me up every morning. Squeezing that core and pushing the ground while trying to do as many as possible and beating the number yesterday is something that’s blood pumping and something to look forward too.
Alfred Z.
This is a great question. I hadn't thought much about it although it's something I can use too. I think jumping would help to kick your heart up and wake the senses and a good stretch helps me to feel energized as well.