How many times a day do you like to stretch?

Ria G.
Stretching; I like to stretch out a couple times a day. It feels so good to me to stretch out these bones & muscles!!! But what ender works for you as long as you stretch at least once a day. @ once aday mabye in am to start ur dy with a good stretch out…
Sebastian E.
Since I got Fabulous I do a short series of stretches most mornings, and try to stretch neck, back and shoulders whenever I think of it. Deep breathing when stretching makes it extra relaxing!
Clesisniara Q.
I would suggest stretching after any workout you do. But I would stretch in the morning when I wake up and if you are like me and walk in the afternoon stretch a bit after that. So I would suggest 2 times per day plus after any workout. Hope I helped!
Sara X.
I like to stretch in the morning, after I wake up, before going to sleep, and after my runs. However, I don't often have time to do it three times a day, so I only stretch my neck and shoulders in the morning and my legs after running.
Loeci Z.
I stretch around two times a day. I’ll stretch more if my body feels super tense or I did something strenuous the day before. I stretch when I wake up and then before I go to sleep. It helps me relax because I have it completely silent and it gives me time to reflect on the day I’ve had or the day I want to have. I definitely would recommend trying it out because it feels great when you’re finished!
Corentin Y.
I stretch in the morning, then a little later in the day after exercise, and then again before bed. Even if it's just for a minute or two, I purposely stretch any tight spots focus on my breathing.
Christian Z.
I like when I remember to stretch and then stretch muself. But I think I’m not remembering the amount of times I would like.