What is the best part of the body to stretch in the morning?

Christian S.
The best part to stretch for me is my back. If I don’t move it & stretch I do notice it gets more tense then on days when I do
Rose P.
The best part I would say is your legs and arms. Throughout the day we’re constantly using those body parts the most. Moving, walking, driving, dancing, jogging, etc. Our arms are constantly being used to grab, hold, shake, lift, drop, ect without strength in them we couldn’t do a lot of things.
Armando F.
The spine especially in the low back area and the hips. Our spinal discs need movement for blood flow otherwise they will dry up. Moving the spine in every direction, twisting and bending and stretching it will help nourish the discs, wake up the muscles and bring energy tot he whole body.
Ily S Z.
For me it’s definitely my spine. I do a full body stretch in bed and a spinal twist both directions. Then a full forward full once I get up.
Luke Z.
One of the most important part of the body is the neck. I, personally have neck problems. So, I have roll my head gently. This includes back. I also have leg cramps very often. So, it’s better to stretch it out.
Penha I.
I like to stretch every part of the body at least a little bit in the morning. If I had to choose just one part of the body to stretch, however, I would choose to stretch my back. When I wake up my back is usually feeling very stiff which also makes my neck and arms feel stiff. So if I can spend even one minute stretching my back I feel 1 million times better in the morning.