I have recently been diagnosed with osteoarthritis. Is it still safe to stretch?

Maria P.
Yes, set yourself a 20 minute slot to stretch gently every day, go to the limit of comfort you will find that this limit will grow over the weeks.

Abssil O C.
I do not have that condition but if i was diagnosed with it i would probably be a little upset because there is no cute to this condition

Daniel A.
Obviously you should consult your doctor, but stretches are usually important for anyone with any form of arthritis. It would be helpful for you to look into specific stretches that can help the muscles around the affected joints and that won’t be too intense.

Karen F.
Yes! If you are on your knees use a pillow. If you are on your back use a soft mat just definitely stretch each say it's very important to help your arthritis.

Emma T.
I'm sorry to hear about your diagnosis, I hope you're doing okay. I would recommend that you consult you doctor regarding stretching as he or she will be able to give you a detailed and more helpful answer that will be beneficial to your health and wellbeing.

Selma Z.

Take your time when stretching.

Make sure you never feel off balance or dizzy when stretching.

Never do any type of stretch position or isometric exercise/ stretch that causes you pin or discomfort.

A good rule of thumb may also be when performing any type of stretch position, make sure to keep your joints slightly flexed- don’t lock your joint or fully extend or fully flex your joint. When performing certain stretch positions, it is better to grasp or hold your muscle rather than a joint.