Do I stretch enough if I only stretch a few times a day, 1 to 2 minutes for my neck, arms and lower back?

Mel Q.
In my opinion stretching some is better than not stretching at all. I try to fit it into my day while.doing other things. Sometimes while in the washroom I will stretch, or stopped at a stop light, or while I am out side with my dog in the yard. It's easy to incorporate small bits into the day.
Daniela O.
No. But it's definitely better than nothing. Every little bit helps but I would say the word enough is relative. Enough to what? Enough to feel less achy? Eh, probably not. Enough to counterbalance the bad posture and lack of mobility? Definitely not. But it might be enough for you to feel less tense.
Heaven W.
I learned every stretch should be at least 15 min. Before I leave bed I start my stretching every morning. I have a bad back and it helps to relive the pressure and relax the muscles so when i do get up I feel good enough to workout and start my day
Isabella G.
I recommend at least 30 minutes of stretching a day. Don’t forget to stretch your lower body that is extremely important! You don’t have to do all 30 minutes at once you can spread it through out the day. I don’t think 1-2 minutes is enough.
Subhashini C.
Yes it is enough. The aim of stretching is increasing flexibility and relief from pain . It also helps in maintaining correct posture so 1 or 2 min of stretching even 2 times a day is enough. It's different from exercising where u need to give at least 7 min even for light exercises.