If you have had a difficult time getting a job at some point, what techniques helped you get out of that rut?

Ragendra Q.
I moved across state and got shot down by a job that I was sure I would get. I stayed unemployed for 3 months. Being in a new city with expensive rent and no source of income, I was running out of money fast. I told myself if I didn’t do something, I’d have to move back home. Just the idea of that was motivation enough for me to climb out of my rut. I googled “interview questions” and rehearsed my answers to over 100 of the most common questions. That alone helped me gain the confidence I needed, and interviewers are drawn to that confidence (not arrogance). I ended up getting a job, it sucked, but I used the experience I learned from that to start a new job 5 months later. And then a new job 3 months following. Now I’ve been at my current job for 3 years, loving it and still learning to build my skills and ranking up. Just remember — you can do it. You are capable. You might not find the “perfect job” initially, but you will gain experience from it. And when you have learned enough to move on, move on. Don’t get stuck. You have options and potential to grow. And if you fail at first, keep trying. The true failure is when you stop trying. Good luck!
Albert W.
We’re military and move all the time. Getting a job each station can be a challenge. I’ve found my best jobs by networking. Simply chatting with people I’ve come a crossed and let them know I was searching for a job. Usually someone knows someone who is hiring. I’ve also stepped out of my job field and applied for something different. I’ve learned a lot along the way doing that but also it took the stress off of the job hunt. I could still look for my job preference while getting a steady paycheck. Good luck!