How long is the best time interval for stretching?

Adira P.
I think it’s whatever you can commit to consistently. It might be a 3-minute warmup when you get out of bed, or a consistent longer stretching routine.
William F.
Well, for your warming up you need 15minutes hard training for a really good stretching. (5minutes is also possible but it has to be heavy) en for your stretching is 10-15 minutes great! But longer is better! If you just have 5minutes just chose 3stretches en do this on your time.
Erin X.
For stretching I prefer yoga exercises. They are great! They really make your body flexible and grace. It usually takes me 15 minutes to stretch at least. As more as better
Enver U.
I think from my personal experience. Morning stretch is the best time. And yoh have to do for about 15-30 minutes of stretching, yoga and pranayama to get maximum benefits.
Marie A.
I usually wake up at 10 am or earlier, or some times at 11:00 am. But i always think strecthing is good for you at whatever time you wake up. I do intermittent fasting and workout as well so i stretch before and after i finish. Stretching doesn't need a time or place to do it, just do it when you can and you'll feel good after for sure.
Gerard F.
If you mean how long to hold each stretch for – to have any significant impact hold a stretch for minimum of 10 seconds and maximum of 60 seconds as it states in the book Ultimate guide to stretching and flexibility by Brad Walker.