How do you sustain the stretch habit?

Gustav B.
I listen to my favourite music(kpop) and I try to distance myself from distractions such as devices, siblings and schoolwork.

Sharad P.
I just compare it to something that is more challenging, like a 15 min intense workout. I definitely don't feel like doing that but I also want to keep my body moving, so what's the middle ground here a 10 min stretch, that's it! This is what my internal dialogue sounds like every morning when the stretch challenge shows up. Hiepnthis helps😊

Julia V.
My muscles are constantly sore because I am someone who does a lot of strenuous physical activity. I try to stretch before and after a workout, but sometimes I forget and sometimes I need a little extra stretching to make sure my muscles aren’t hurting and my body is right where it needs to be. Once I started stretching as a habit in the morning and at nighttime, I noticed a difference in the way my body felt and soon I couldn’t go back. This little habit made me feel incredible and I never want to miss a day.

Noemi N.
I felt the need of it due to the soreness and pain of staying at my desk all day long. I just very simply started doing it for 1 minute, one muscle in particular and I found myself enjoying it

Muhammad M.
أحافظ على هذه العادة من خلال التحفيز الذي أحصل عليه من رسائلكم ومن الإرادة التي طالما بحثتُ عنها في نفسي وأجدها حيناً وتختفي عني حينا.

Paloma E.
I try to think about all of the benefits that my body gets when I stretch. Some days I really have to force myself to stretch, but those are the days where I feel the most reward when I finally finish. If I wake up and find it especially difficult to stretch one day I just gently lay my feet on the ground and say "I dont want to stretch but I am going to none the less."

Sophia Z.
Well, my arm has been kind of hurting for a while now, so it’s easy to be reminded of stretching and I feel like it’s a necessity 🙂

Callum E.
When I see it pop up in my daily routine I make sure to get it done, it helps to wake me up and feel less achy at the start of the day.

Julie O.
I just tell myself that I'm going to do it just before I go to bed and make it part of my routine along with brushing my teeth.

Mary X.
When I wake up after I drink water, I simply sit in bed and stretch my body out. I do this so I feel more awake and rejuvenated after sleep and so my body can wake up too

Alexander X.
As I have started going to the gym, my muscles and joints have been gettiny quite tight. I stretch mostly to maintain a health RoM for my arms and legs, as well as reducing pain. I am reminded to stretch whenever my muscles feel tight or when certain movements become harder.

Diego Y.
I sustain the stretch habit by reminding myself that my body is a perfect machine, but a perfect machine with such a relatively short life needs to stay in motion to function optimally. With this thought I put stretching as my “starting the engine” type of habit. Another helpful mindset I have to sustain this great habit of stretching is to think about from a musician or athlete point of view. For professionals in either of these fields stretching is an essential habit for having a productive session. In this way I am able to sustain stretching by also seeing as stretching before playing the song of my life everyday!

Lance S.
I make sure the space I stretch in is clear of clutter. I light candles and play a relaxation play list. Make sure your space is comfy. When I wake up I drink a bottle of water, test my blood sugar (I'm diabetic) and then go to my stretching/meditation area and begin stretching. I make sure the night before I go to sleep that my area is prepped and ready for when I wake. Even if I sleep in, as long as I have the time I stretch. If you don't have much time just small stretches that you do when you first wake up in bed is better than nothing. I usually stretch for a good 10-15 minutes just enjoying my surroundings and feeling my body, really listening to what areas need more stretching. It really helps me maintain a clear head for the hole day.

Vantina X.
You dont have to stretch for a long time, and you can do it whenever you feel like it. One step at a time, or at this case, one stretch at a time and before you know, it will become a part of your routine and your body will feel more and more relaxed

Adrianna E.
Stretching genuinely feels good to me, and after I definitely feel more relaxed and even accomplished and proud. So even when I don't want to do anything, I think about how good I feel after I do it and it's enough to motivate me.

Jess Q.
It’s almost an instinct to just stretch out your arms or legs when you wake up. So it’s easy to just throw in a couple more intricate stretches into that habit. It relaxes me more as I start my day and gives some relief if I didn’t sleep so good that night.

Maria R.
It’s an habit that makes me unwind, feel good and connect with my body. So it comes naturally, I enter Fabulous, remember I have to do it, and just do it!

Joyce F.
I wake up get ready and check the app and remember I have to do the stretching. It also helps to loosen my muscles in the morning ready for the long day ahead.

Sam N.
I tell myself to do my daily habits after doing a fist clench to strengthen my resolve to be a better version of myself.

Vermillion U.
Everyone does a little stretch each morning, so I decided to make that the time I stretch each morning. Everytime I do the small stretch, I remember and continue to stretch for 1 minute.

Jacob W.
I am doing it every morning (no skips), in the middle of my routine and with a bit of celebration after I finish. You can also sleep in your gym clothes or put it near the bed to jump into it right after you woke up. I personally do not use gym clothes for my morning exercises.

Deviputri F.
You can sustain your stretch habit by setting a time and putting it as goal by seeting a even 15 minute time you can make it as a habit

Michelle E.
do it as soon as you wake up! it is when you are not the most flexible but it will feel great after. also do it right before bed when you Are the most flexible. One more way is to stretch quickly while brushing your teeth or doing a leave in productive or even the shower! just put it somewhere “easy” in your routine! hope this helps!

Sydney R.
I wake up kind of stiff sometimes depending on what I did the day before. When i wake up, i pay attention to how my body is feeling (and this focus on my body is emphasized by drinking water) and I try to alleviate the stiffness. I try to restore balance to my body before I get into my day so I have a truly fresh start.

Linda N.
Do it right after something you’re already doing every day, a habit or a routine. This way, your brain will automate it faster.

Having a glass of water on the bedside table is a habit my parents taught me from a very early age. So for me, it makes sense to stretch right after drinking my water because I never ever skip it. It could also be something like right after brushing your teeth, or as soon as you exit the shower if you do this every morning.

Good luck and keep going!

Melvin N.
After sitting a long time behindmy desk I get up and do some simppe streches to make my body feel better and also to feel refreshed

Shin Dee N.
The minute I get up in bed, no matter how late it is, I stretch my arms and neck, and that itself takes more than a minute already!

Axel E.
I think the best of both worlds to to do an all over body stretch every day. Little and often. I build in 3 x 1 minute overall body stretching into my day i.e. 1 min morning stretch, 1 minute lunchtime stretch and 1 min bedtime stretch. Same main areas – quads, sides, back, chest, neck and arms.

Kristen E.
I’ve started with a small stretch time to make it more manageable and hope to build from there. It helps to think about it that way – I only need 60 seconds to stretch for goal completion but I can go longer if I want! I am using a 5 minute YouTube stretch routine to help me know how to stretch even if I only have a little time.