How do you sustain the stretch habit?

Gustav B.
I listen to my favourite music(kpop) and I try to distance myself from distractions such as devices, siblings and schoolwork.

Julie O.
I just tell myself that I'm going to do it just before I go to bed and make it part of my routine along with brushing my teeth.

Adrianna E.
Stretching genuinely feels good to me, and after I definitely feel more relaxed and even accomplished and proud. So even when I don't want to do anything, I think about how good I feel after I do it and it's enough to motivate me.

Jacob W.
I am doing it every morning (no skips), in the middle of my routine and with a bit of celebration after I finish. You can also sleep in your gym clothes or put it near the bed to jump into it right after you woke up. I personally do not use gym clothes for my morning exercises.

Michelle E.
do it as soon as you wake up! it is when you are not the most flexible but it will feel great after. also do it right before bed when you Are the most flexible. One more way is to stretch quickly while brushing your teeth or doing a leave in productive or even the shower! just put it somewhere “easy” in your routine! hope this helps!

Sydney R.
I wake up kind of stiff sometimes depending on what I did the day before. When i wake up, i pay attention to how my body is feeling (and this focus on my body is emphasized by drinking water) and I try to alleviate the stiffness. I try to restore balance to my body before I get into my day so I have a truly fresh start.

Melvin N.
After sitting a long time behindmy desk I get up and do some simppe streches to make my body feel better and also to feel refreshed

Sam N.
I tell myself to do my daily habits after doing a fist clench to strengthen my resolve to be a better version of myself.