What are the best stretches for the all body?

Kasimir S.
I like to start my stretches from a standing position. I do a lot of yoga, so I tend to use a lot of basic poses to stretch. From standing, I like to raise my arms high, straight above my head, slowly reach out to my sides, like a circle, and then slowly bend/fold forward, letting my upper body hang for a few seconds. Then I raise up again, put my hands on my hips, and twist from side to side a few times. Last, I do a few lunges/warrior poses to stretch my legs.
Wayne E.
I like the stretches that get the core moving. Also, I suffer from neck and back strain so the stretches for those are critical for me to make it through my day with less pain.
Silviara Y.
Getting into any stretch mindfully is best for the entire body just moving through the motions of any stretch will not be beneficial
Rafael U.
I think that’s depends on your body and what work should for it. I find child’s pose to be a very good stretch for my body because it stretches my arms and my tight legs. I also like sun salutation— a series of stretches that use the whole body. Warrior 1 and 2 are also good whole body stretches.
Astrid P.
It’s better to stretch twice each part of your body, when you stretch the second time you always can go further than the first one