What is a better way to stretch without over heating? I live in a hot place…

M Ximo Q.
I would focus on what u are wearing. Heat in fact helps the body with mobility (for example hot yoga). You could go to a different area in your house if u are uncomfortable, an area with a breeze that could be colder. Ultimately I have stretched in cold and hot environments and it should not cause you to over heat. I hope this helps!

Julia Y.
Make the stretches less intense, the harder you push yourself the more you will sweat. Stretching can be as gentle as raising each leg whilst lying in bed in the morning and holding them up whilst rotating your feet. Then stretch the leg over to one side whilst twisting your upper body or opposite arm to the other side, if that is too intense then just turn your head and look the other way.
I raise my arms above my head and put my palms together, look up and then use the weight of my arms to help me stretch backwards just enough to feel the stretch.
Sometimes when I take my morning barefoot walk around my house I point my toes and notice the difference to my posture, I often walk backwards down the stairs and feel the stretch in the back of my legs and glutes (especially if I do 2 steps ) There are many small, gentle stretches that you can do that require very little energy.