Where do you go to stretch

Steve T.
Mulai dari di kasur yaitu peregangan kepala dan punggung hingga kretek. Trus di dpn kamar mandi peregangan punggung tangan dan badan

Michelle N.
Anywhere I can! I find I can get caught up in looking for the perfect place to stretch, so once I have my water upon waking, I try to stretch right there! It’s a good way to short circuit the search for having a space or having the perfect space.

Ashley M.
I have my yoga mat in the open space right near my bed, which I take out and light a candle to stretch every morning I can. If I can’t do my stretching at home, I try to make some space to do one minute of stretching at work!

Evan S.
I stretch as soon as I wake up ! After I take a glass of water , I go to the bathroom , brush my teeth and I stretch there .