What your favorite poses to do and how long should you hold each one?

To Z.
I think 30seconds is a good minimum to hold a pose, I start where I'm comfortable and go deeper as I breathe. My favourites include forward fold, lying back twist, and stretching the souls of my feet by kneeling with my toes tucked under me.
Michaele G.
I love sitting down into a straddle and stretch while thinking about my day or what I’m gonna do tommorow! I try not to think about the past but the important things do matter😆 I like to just refuel my mind😌
Anna P.
I like to stretch my legs and my favourite is to sit down in a straddle position and lean towards one foot and touch it with the opposite hand. Do that on both sides and then try get your nose to your knee. After try get your stomach to the floor. I hold each for 8 counts and then repeat after doing the other side.
Xander W.
In the morning I start with sun salutations and flow to the count of approx 4 breaths. Repeating twice before moving on to a more exerting flow that’s 15 min to completion. Those positions I hold for 20 sec using an interval timer (20 sec high/15 low which is me eyeballing next move)