What’s the best stretches I can do to maximize my body?

Debbie S.
A mixture of stretches that feel good. Cat/Cow is great for your back. Down Dog. Plank. Front bend. Cobra. Tricep and bicep curls. Windmill your shoulders. Gently tilt your head to the right and left shoulder and stretch the trapezius muscle. All stretching is good! Try to stretch every joint, muscle group/body part. Don’t forget your face! 🙂
Lisa E.
The two best stretches I recommend are cat/cow and any spinal twist. If you are going to limit to two I would pick those. Now, it its two a DAY I would start with neck rolls and neck stretches day 1, shoulder rolls and YWTLs day 2, spinal twists both seated and floor and cat/cow day 3, straight leg raises and butterfly day 4 and sun salutations day 5, warriors on day 6 and ankle and wrist rolls and happy baby on day 7.
Faith J.
I like to do leg body stretches. I sit on floor, open legs wide, grab hold of bottom of my foot and bring my chin down to my knee which gives me a great stretch all the way through my arms, back and legs.
Anna O.
I focus on the muscles that hurt when moving wrong (shoulders, mostly) and on the muscles that I want to improve elasticity (legs). So I just look for stretches that hit those areas and try to copy them the best I can until the muscles burn.