How many times a day do you intentionally stretch?

Noor N.
I do not have certain times to stretch, nor in a certain place.
I intend to make my routine u not committed to time so that I can achieve as many habits as I could.
But mainly I do stretches in the morning right after I wake up, before going to bed, and sometimes before my yoga session. So that’s 3 times at a minimum
Uilian Q.
I usually try to stretch three times a day, once in the morning when I wake up, it helps get me ready to go for the day. Then, I stretch at lunch as well, as I work at a desk it helps to stop myself slumping over and warms my muscles after sitting for so long. Then, I'll wind down before bed by doing some light stretches.
Jane N.
I stretch once a day, usually at night to release any overuse or tensions from the day. I also pick night as I walk my dog then so I get warmed up but relaxed then it seems more natural to do my stretches
Donya Q.
Only one time in the morning. I’m making this a habit so it’s not easy. Sometimes I force myself to do it but I always finish with a smile. It feels so good to be committed to something and complete it.
Kim A.
Once. I have a routine set up for mid-morning that includes stretching, because I sit at a computer all day and my shoulders & neck tighten up. I do a routine I found on YouTube for stretches you can do at work, at your desk. Other than that, I stretch as needed when I notice tightness. I'm almost 62, and I keep reminding myself 'if you don't use it, you'll lose it' and that includes joint mobility. For example, I was reaching for something on a high shelf and I felt it in my ribs, so I had to stop and do some side stretches.
Erstename S.
I like to stretch every morning at the very least to start off my day nice and relaxed. However, if I'm really busy, stressed, or sore from excercise, I use stretching in the evening as a nice and useful break.
Natalie P.
I try to stretch when i wake up, foam roll after my workout, stretch for a couple minutes mid day, and then again before i get into bed.
Alberte G.
Twice. Once in my morning routine and once in the evening. I’ll also stretch before doing anything super active like dance or even swimming.
Anshal N.
One time for 10 minutes. I practice yoga before starting my day. The exercise is called Surya Namaskar. It has 12 steps in this, almost all the parts of your body gets stretched and you feel kind of free in mind and body after this. If I do this 4-5 times, it gives a boost in my body and all muscles are relaxed
Freja Z.
Usually twice a day. once in the morning before my exercise and once in the night before I sleep, but if I have a vocal exercise, which I stretch mostly my upper body before, then it is three times a day 🥰
Emile Q.
In the mornig of course to help blood simulation, since we spend more than 7 hours in same positions we do need to stretch to make our body understand that we are waking up, and to cut the sleep, i usually stretch when i sit more than 2h on the desk in gives some sort of energy to keep going. over all it helps muscles and bones growing
Kim W.
Not as much time as I should. Some days it is never. Now it is at least 1 minute but I'd like to do more. It feels really good to be flexible.
Frances C.
Right now, 1 time a day. I’m doing the one minute mini challenge, but I always stretch at least 2 minutes. It really does feel great and helps get me going!