How exactly do you stretch? It’d be great to have a consistent set of steps to use :)

James X.
I am a yoga teacher . So I stretch focusing on particular body areas or areas with high tension on that day. I usually stretch on my yoga mat or a nice rug if I am at home. Otherwise I tend to standing stretches if I am out and about
Simon F.
I stretch my legs after, not before a cardio workout. That way they're warmed up. I keep my legs straight and mend straight down to touch my toes. All stretches are held for a minimum of 10 seconds. I then stretch my quads.
Them I do my hamstrings leg by leg like in P90X. I also do my calves and finally my glutes.
Florentine F.
Sometimes when Iā€™m at work and on my feet for long periods of time, I like to stretch my legs. One stretch which is my favourite is the pigeon pose and another I is when I stand shoulder width apart and let my upper body hang down while gripping my elbows and swinging left to right. It really stretches out my hamstrings and helps me relax before going to sleep.
Johanna G.
I recommend Jessica Valant Pilates – she has some stuff on 'active rest' on her site and YouTube which I use a lot for stretching/strengthening and could be a base routine to choose stretches from šŸ™‚
Joyce O.
I usually stretch my major muscle groups. Most importantly my hamstrings and lower back because that where my pain and stiffness usually occurs.