Do you find yourself angry for missing a task? I’m trying to change my anger to appreciation for still trying.

Bernardete O.
No, I don’t become angry, maybe a bit disappointed. However, I focus on what I was able to accomplish, being mindful to do better going forward.
Karina F.
I’m not feeling angry but sometime anxious and dissapointed. I’m trying to set my mind on being proud that Im trying. To be loving and carrying about myself. I’m thinking this is a journey and I have a right to struggle. Good luck!
Cory Z.
I used to. But then I try to find the reason for why I missed a task, and does the reason has a value, just like the task? If it does, then I would change my habits into prioritizing the things that I am willing to put effort in more.
Chiara Z.
I don’t find myself to be angry, disappointed in myself if anything. But I push myself to complete the task as soon as possible after I miss it, even if it’s late in the night, or early in the morning. As long as you complete it, whenever – you’ll feel better. There is no reason to stress over things that you have missed as there’s always time to finish it off. Another thing that helps me get back into the habbit, is doing the same task twice same day.