How do you remind yourself to stretch throughout the day?

Anna U.
From a young age my parents insisted that I play a sport. In today’s sports we see a lot of kids start training starting at a young age. This being said, from a young age I would wake up in the mornings eat a healthy breakfast and would have a weight training class in the morning. My stretching routine has been sort of depicted by the demands of sports. All in all, stretching in the morning has become almost second nature to me.

Lidia U.
This app reminds me to. I honestly forget all the time and never make time for it .
For this I will put a time on my calendar to stop working and stretch

Eddie N.
Streaching is like taking a deep breath for your muscles. Everytime I need to take breath, I also streach. That is usually meal times and then some. I love streaching, actually.