How long should a normal stretching session be?

Teobaldo Q.
A full body stretch should take af least 15 minutes, and if there’s an area that’s extra tight or sore spend another 5-10 gently stretching the area and around it
Zaida P.
I integrate it into my bedtime to help me sleep at night. So I stretch until I feel like curling up in bed. Generally 2-10 minutes.
Ivan U.
I think about 5-10 minutes myself.
It allows you to mentally regroup, or just unwind.
All while getting the physical stretch your body needs. Morning or evening.
Alfred P.
at the very least 10 minutes every morning, but optimally I like to stretch for 30-40 mins to get every part of my body awake and ready for the day. To do the minimum I do a few
Sun Salutations on each side. Then I’ve woken up the major body parts and get going.
Soham E.
Hi, I don't know how a stretching session should be. I only know what I have been doing for decades. I work with a physiotherapist who reassessed me periodically. I spend, on average, an hour 5 times a week or daily…depending on my joints…..I am 82! I do the 1st. half while lying on my back on my bed.
The reason that I spend so much time is that I do many positions three repetitions for 15 seconds. Each with toes pointed and flexed.
Several arm, positions, each with hands facing up and down, side to side or flexed up and down. Again, every position is 15 sec. I the leg and arm routine with toes pointed and flexed for 15 sec, 3 reps each and finally, I point my toes rotating the ankles 30 times changing the rotation in the other direction for 30 reps. I follow that with the same directions with the hands and wrists.
Because I have back problems, I end up with sitting on the side of my bed, slowly bending the back forward touching my toes for, you guessed it, 15 secs.
I am sure that you can find a routine that is good for you. I don't know your age and/or physical condition. For that reason, I really have problems with even describing what I do! It may not be what you are able or not able to do my routine! I suggest that you ask your doctor if you have any physical why you should NOT do what I am. If you are able and The Fabulous people allow, you can get permission for me to go on. The main reason is that I am checked a few times a year to make sure that it is ok for me yo continue what I am doing, or to change it a bit.
A second reason is that I have been following this type of routine for decades AND I know my body. I have had two back surgeries fusing vertebrae. I have two Total Hip Replacements, several other surgeries and other issues. I cannot exercise on a floor because I tend to lose my balance and fall. Not a good idea! I also do a strong exercise routine in a pool well over an hour, but that includes a meditation while floating. I often fall asleep during my float……don't worry, I am incapable of sinking. I have trouble diving down to pick up something from the bottom of the pool because My body fights the dive. It wants to go up!
No Lia O.
I’d say around 5 minutes for a good thourough one, but just in every day life shorter periods like 30 seconds will suffice
Everett F.
I feel like 10 minutes is a good amount of time to stretch and focus on your breath. Stretch and meditate all in one session.
Gauthier T.
A normal stretching session should be a minute… not too long, not too short. It would be three minutes tops. That's all.
Alan P.
I would say anywhere from 1-5 minutes when you first start using Fabulous as you don't want to over work yourself. You can increase the session if you want to suit your needs.
Eckhardt F.
I think the best session should be between 15 to 20 minutes, which you can stretch your full body, and take the average effect.
Cauani W.
No not so would be 3-5minutes..use it as warm ups…then start your main should be Gym or ground exercise… stretching prepare our body for exercises…
Isaiah P.
For me, stretching is important to feeling good the rest of the day. That said, I don't do it as much as I should and it's a habit I'm working on. I feel like my ideal (or what I want to be normal) is around 10 minutes, but if I only have time for a minute or so, that's successful,too. I aim for my ideal, but am realistic in knowing that sometimes the most I have time for is a couple of minutes. As long as I do it, I am happy with myself.
Elya Q.
As long as you can. Whenever you can squeeze in time. Even a minute is good. But usually 20 to 40 minutes for a good full body stretch.
Ruben O.
In the morning I usually do a 5 minutes stretching session just to get me going but 3-4 time a week I have a 20-30 minute session
Severin U.
Hi, I don't think that I may be the right person to answer you on that question. I am not a professional and I don't think that I am the average member at Fabulous. I am an 82 year old woman who has physical issues which prevent me from doing the average type of exercises. On a floor, I tend to fall because of balance issues. Therefore, I do a full hour of stretching after drinking a glass of water……on my made bed, so it is flat. If I could get my Shih Tzu, Mischief, on my husband's side, it would help.
I stretch each part of me, in different positions times for 15 seconds each, First, I stretch my legs, bent to my chest, then straight up pointing to the ceiling. In each position, I point my toes for 15 seconds, then, flexing my foot for 15 seconds. That, alone takes 3 minutes! After each leg position, I stretch my arms and hands, in different positions, flexing my hands up and down, another 3 minutes. I follow this with a 2nd set of leg and arm positions and changing hand positions. And it is already 12 minutes. I go through another leg and arm with a 3rd position with differing positions and a 3rd arm and hand positions. 18 minutes!
Then, I move my ankles and wrists in differing directions by pointing my toes and fingers in two different circles. I follow this by pointing and flexing my toes down and up for 15 circles each. Then, I flex toes pointing down and fixing the feet…..and it is only arms, hands, legs and Feet….. it is now 24 minutes!
We still have to stretch the shoulders, back, head and neck. My body has become quite nicely toned. I feel great. I love doing it. I stretch an average of 5 days a week. I have less joint pain, as well.
That being sent, if you are younger and/or in better physical shape than I, you may prefer to do the different options that Fabulous have on the program. I have been doing this on my bed and/or in the pool during summer for over 50 years. Therefore, my body has adjusted to my particular program that has been adjusted for me, as time goes on.
I wish you great luck in the fabulous Journeys. Fabulous is truly fabulous! I also wish you good health, great happiness and a lot of laughter in your life! Bye bye.
Anatole P.
5 minutes. Stretching should also involve warmup. Warmup when you are about to start and cool down after the exercise. You should stretch your body parts especially the joints area before and after exercise to minimize pain after exercise.