How can you leave work at school and focus on family time and other activities that you want to do, not homework?

Gustav Z.
I think that if you pick a certain day out of the week to do family time or if your family is busy you can do some me time also and take a break from school work
Priscilla E.
Even though you may not always be able to leave work at school, you can always choose to put family first. You can decide that no matter what I have to do I am going to spend some time with my family (or activities) first, some days you may have more time than others, but that’s okay. You and they will feel good knowing that you thought of them first and work 2nd, but sometimes you will have to take work with you.
S L Na E.
I am not in school, but one thing I do to separate work and family life is meditate. I have a tendency to worry about work all the time, but practicing meditation has helped me focus on what is in front of me.
Dolores P.
Setting a schedule is everything. Set a time for homework and be consistent with it. 8 pm is homework time, so since all family understands that simply excuse youself.
Herminia E.
You must be prepered from school.
So when you must focus on family time.
You can playing games, video games and board games.
Matthew U.
Leave at school something you absolutely need to work. For example, when I want to prevent keeping on working even back home, I leave my laptop locked in the office