Whenever I wake up my body automatically stretches, so when I go to stretch there’s nothing to stretch. Is there any way to fix this problem?

Petar Z.
I think for some stretching can be about the physical act of stretching, but for others it may be more about allowing your body to relax or to increase awareness of your being – for some, both may be applicable.

If you automatically stretch in the morning, schedule a time to intentionally stretch in the afternoon or evening and see if you notice a difference that you enjoy about each stretch.

Mark F.
The automatic stretch won’t stretch all your muscles, so do other stretches after you’ve woken up. You can still stretch even if you think there is nothing to stretch. Just keep doing it everyday and try out new stretch positions and you will see a result.
Daniel T.
Is it really a problem though?🤔 I think if you just follow stretching excercises on youtube etc, you’d be perfectly fine! And there’s always room for more flexibility, which comes from streching! So maybe try longer periods of stretching? Minimum is like 17sec for each muscle, so maybe prolong it a bit? Good luck!
Marin Q.
This may not be the problem you see it to be! Try to reframe how you view this situation, or change stretching to the end-of-day routine!
Roland Q.
I’m sort of like that too, so moved stretching to the afternoon. By then there’s plenty to stretch, especially if I’ve been at my desk most of the day.
Isabella G.
It also happens to me! But I take advantage of the one minute stretch to stretch my shoulders and neck and my sciatica. I love stretching so I think you should find a muscle or articulation that you can feel more, can you touch your toes, while standing, without bending your knees? 🙂
Liva A.
I get it. That’s good for you! But I’d say; there’s always something to stretch. Try to stretch deeper – I have been practicing yin yoga for some years, and I LOVE it. There’s different stretches and they let you chill in the stretch for 3-5 minutes. You’ll become so relaxed and refreshed. And feeling completely nice in your body.
Lilly O.
Try scheduling your challenge of stretching for later in the day. Since u stretch when u wake up it’ll be helpful to also stretch in the evening after you’ve gotten through your day and used your muscles throughout the day.
Arthur P.
Stretching involves a focussed movement and poses to target particular groups of muscles. That's how I see it. So maybe try being more mindful when you stretch next time to feel certain parts of your body you've never felt before.
Laertes G.
Your body can’t and won’t stretch automatically. IU carry out an involuntary stretch, which is totally different from you carrying out a stretching exercise. The difference in terms of feelings is quite different.
Irineu Z.
Go through the process of moving and stretching anyway, and see what happens. You may train your body to stretch when you want to!
Johan O.
I would be surprised if a light stretch like one’s people do while waking up are the same as an actual stretch. I am a dance teacher, and each morning, despite whether my muscles feel tight or not, I do a moderate hamstring stretch (stand and touch my toes), a back stretch (child’s pose) and a hip stretch (like a pigeon yoga pose). It’s energizing and helps me loosen up during the day.
Elisa T.
Of course. When you wale up and your body does an automatic stretch it is just that, like yawning, umintentional. When you do your daily stretch, you do it mindfully, like saying hi and good morning to all your cells and muscles, part by part, every morning
Cengiz O.
I wonder if there are smaller muscles that might need stretching? Hip flexors, psoas, maybe some deep spinal stretches? Breathing too
Alexia O.
Taking your body through a full range of motion is always still good for you, otherwise use the time to work on body weight excersizes. Anything with core strength and pelvic floor muscles is especially good.
Hatice X.
in the morning when i stretch i start with the basics and even if i naturally stretch try going to different areas where you haven’t done as much focusing on those places